9 Months

9 Months

Hey…it is that time yet again to update everyone!

I am now 9 months out and my hair is great! I have seen it lately really maturing as it is easier to style. To make it easier to style lately, I have been getting a #5 (5/8ths per the clipper attachment) on my whole head. It looks really good at this length as I like it nice and short and thankfully it hides the scar nicely!

I had some requests last time to take some distance pics…so I tried to take some distance pics (basically as far away as I could hold my camera!) so you can see what it looks from a little further way vs. just the close ups.

I still crack up when people tell me I look a lot younger than I am and I always say that it helps out that I still have all of my hair…little do they know the crazy HT journey I was on for the last 9 mths!!! LOL

As always, I am here to answer and/or help out anyone looking to have this life changing procedure! I will be seeing Dr. Rahal in NYC on October 15th…so if anyone wants to perhaps meet after work to talk I am cool with that. I always say that it is best to meet with people face to face to see their HT…pictures are great but there is nothing better than seeing it in person. That is a big factor in my analysis too when I was making my HT decision! 


  1. Thanks for the great update and pictures 🙂
    Your hair is looking great!! I agree, that length and style really suits you! I know Dr. Rahal looks forward to getting a closer look when he sees you in October.

  2. Your result is looking fantastic and your thorough documentation will be very helpful to so many other patients. Much appreciated!

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