Photo & Blog Updates

9 Months

Hey…it is that time yet again to update everyone!

I am now 9 months out and my hair is great! I have seen it lately really maturing as it is easier to style. To make it easier to style lately, I have been getting a #5 (5/8ths per the clipper attachment) on my whole head. It looks really good at this length as I like it nice and short and thankfully it hides the scar nicely!

I had some requests last time to take some distance pics…so I tried to take some distance pics (basically as far away as I could hold my camera!) so you can see what it looks from a little further way vs. just the close ups.

I still crack up when people tell me I look a lot younger than I am and I always say that it helps out that I still have all of my hair…little do they know the crazy HT journey I was on for the last 9 mths!!! LOL

As always, I am here to answer and/or help out anyone looking to have this life changing procedure! I will be seeing Dr. Rahal in NYC on October 15th…so if anyone wants to perhaps meet after work to talk I am cool with that. I always say that it is best to meet with people face to face to see their HT…pictures are great but there is nothing better than seeing it in person. That is a big factor in my analysis too when I was making my HT decision! 

8 Months

Hey everyone!

I am a little late on my 8 month postings…I’m around 8.5 months now but these pics were taken at 8 months.  I have been enjoying my hair that I don’t post that often anymore…which shows how I have moved on.

Things are great…still growing thicker every day.  I love having my hairline back and it makes my life a lot easier every day.  Take this weekend for example…I had a wedding and had to stay over someone’s house afterwards.  i put ZERO TOPPIK in my hair and funny enough i was running so late that i had 5 min to do my hair…normally it would take like 20 min to put the toppik in, but with hair…I was able to take my typical 3 minutes to do my hair and it came out greattt!!!  Staying over people’s houses like i did after the wedding is wonderful and i woke up not fearful of having Toppik all over the pillow case…my hair looked just as good as it did for the wedding!  What a great feeling…for those of you using Toppik you definitely know what I’m saying.  You too can have this feeling…you just have to stand up and say NO MORE…and go check out the great options there are for HT’s!

Hope everyone enjoys the updated pics and as always, feel free to email/comment…thanks!!!

7 Months

Hey Everyone!

It is time for another update! I am currently at 7 months…time has flew by!

My hair continues to get stronger and I am thankfully still finished with Toppik as I posted in my 6 month update…that alone is such a weight off of me.

My hair this month was very wavy…almost out of control wavy in that the new hair is very coarse and almost like steel wool! lol. I know this is normal in that the hair is still immature and needs to mature some more. Def no true complaints here. I put gel/glue product in my hair and it is so curly but again if that is my only issue then I am winning! lol. Does anyone have a suggestion and/or hair product to straighten out my hair…especially my hairline. I use a glue like product now bu it still doesn’t truly control the wavy/coarse hair.

I imagine I still have more months to grow and/or mature so I am looking forward to that. My crown continues to hold up as I am on Propecia now for about 14 months. I also have since been on Rogaine about 3 weeks after my HT so figure around 6 months.

6 Months

It is that time again for another update! I am now at the 6 month mark…man time flies when your growing new hairs everyday!!! lol. My hair is thickening and also getting more mature everyday now. I know I may sound like a broken record, but this has easier been the best decision for me after sooo many lost years of worrying about my hair loss! Having my hairline back now has put me at ease in that I literally don’t worry about my hair anymore…I think that is the biggest improvement in that worrying about my hair was a full time job for me…always in my mind and trying to hide my loss with Toppik and other clever ways. Now that I don’t worry about it I can focus on other things in my life. It has opened new doors that I always thought would be closed. So if any of you are still on the fence, get off it and get your HT because there is hope for everyone to beat hairloss!

I also want to report to everyone that I am officially 100% TOPPIK FREE!!!!! I honestly NEVER thought I would ever say or write that…but the day has FINALLY come where I don’t need Toppik! This week I decided Toppik’s reign needs to end although it has truly been a life saver for me and without it I would have NEVER left my house because I couldn’t face my thinning hairline. It has been such a crutch for me for sooo many years. However, a new era has begun and I am finally free. I can’t believe how great my hair looks and with NO TOPPIK! It is so thick and my hairline is so prominent and natural looking. I love not having that stuff in my hair because it does look suspect in the hairline especially since I put a lot on to hide my thinning.  SUCH a great feeling not to use it anymore!

As always, I’m here to help and answer any questions/concerns anyone has…so please feel free to drop me a line or comment!!!

5 Months

Well I am at the 5 month mark and it is time for an update! I met with Dr. Rahal in NYC last week and it was a perfect time for him to examine me as I am a month out of the growth phase. He said my hair is growing nicely and am on pace to have a great result…even better than what it looks like now, which is great news!!! He also said the scar is great too and pretty much undetectable. He also said that he sees a lot of stubble/tiny hairs that are ready to come through.

I’ve noticed my hair is getting denser and thicker as when I look at my 4 month pics I noticed a nice improvement in density/thickness. Can’t wait to see what month 6 has in store!!! I said it a hundred times, but I’ll continue to say it…this was the best thing I ever did…it has not only improved my confidence, but just as important, it has finally allowed me to not focus on my hair loss 24/7 which is what I did ALL day long. It is such an amazing feeling to not have to worry about it anymore…especially knowing that is is growing!!! Another great thing is that Dr. Rahal checked out my crown for any loss and he said that he does not advise any further surgery at the moment as my crown is fine…I was pretty happy about that!!! He said he can see slight loss but nothing worthy of worry in that there is no bald spot or anything that would have someone believe I am losing…just probably upon deep examination he could tell a little…but I’ve been on Propecia for a year now and hoping it will hold it off.

P.S. I have updated my collage…so the top right is 2 mths, bottom left is 3 mths, bottom right is 4 mths and top right is 5 mths. This really gives a good depiction of the growth and density increases.

4 Months

Well it is officially 4 months!!!  Wow…what a journey thus far…and it really has just begun!!!

I have really seen a lot of new growth this past month…typical Rahal result in that the growth begins way before the infamous 4 month mark.  My hairline is coming along nicely…getting thicker every week and it really hasn’t started the growth phase yet!  I don’t really need toppik anymore but I still put a little on  to just touch it up and make it a little thicker.  But I must say…it takes seconds to do in the morning vs. a long time literally drawing on my hairline…now since I have actual hair at my hairline…a few sprays does the job…it is SUCH a WONDERFUL feeling to not have to put a pound of toppik on!

I am now obsessed with my hair but in such a more healthy way…in that I can’t stop looking and feeling it now vs. looking at it constantly in a negative light watching my hairline go bye bye!  I am now not afraid to leave my house to go run errands and not feel horrible…ironically I have lately received a handful of compliments that I look younger than my age…perhaps ironic…but I have never received such compliments prior to my HT…MBH (Must Be the Hair)!!!  That is my new acronym!!! Lol

I can’t believe how my hair is growing and everyone who knew I had it done are amazed at what it looks like now…night and day…and they think it is finished…when I tell them this is literally like month 1 of growth…they are shocked to think it could possibly get nicer!

As far as my scar goes…scar???  What scar…I have been to the barber and get a #5 and it is perfect…you really can’t see it anymore…so much that I don’t even think about it anymore…and to think I worried soooo much about the scar issue…for those who are worrying like I did…try not to think about it…believe me in the beginning you look at it and are like OMG…but after a few months it is gone and you are too focused now on your new hair!  I have very slight numbness on the scar and sometimes some tingling but nothing to bother me.

Having such amazing early growth has raised my confidence so much…I now have 1 less thing that holds me down…and to not worry about my hair is such a huge weight off my shoulders because I became obsessed with it for so many years.

Check out my pics…I will be posting  a few collages that I made also showing how my hair has progressed from months 2 vs 3 vs 4.

One final note…I owe this all to Dr. Rahal…for those on the fence you HAVE to consider him…his results speak for themselves!  It literally is the best decision I ever did for myself.  He is a true artist and I can’t wait to show him my results when he comes to NYC!!!

3 Months

Well I am at the 3 month mark and for the most part am out of the ugly duckling stages thankfully!

Hairline:  I can def see some hairs growing in especially at the corners of the hairline but they are sparse at the moment…there is still a lot of space in between each grown hair as I gather this is normal and as the months continue hairs will grown in between them…any comments are appreciated on this based on your experience.  It is a nice feeling to actually see your hair growing instead of seeing it fall out…def a better feeling!  So my hairline is taking a little shape but I gather come month 4 and probably closer to month 5 is when I will really start seeing some growth…again comments are appreciated on this.  I am at the point now basically where I was prior to my HT…pretty much all my original hair has grown back and now mixed with the sporadic new hairs makes it look a little bit better.  Applying Toppik (which I do only for special events and also interviews) is great because I don’t have to use as much and it really makes my hair actually look amazing compared to how it looked originally with Toppik…mainly bc i can now use those new hairs as my hairline and it doesn’t look fake as before i didn’t have them to apply toppik to.

Scar:  I had a little shock loss on each side of my scar but never anything crazy that couldn’t be covered up with some Toppik if/when I needed it.  As you can see in my pic, the scar is clearly not visible esp at the length it is at now which is prob like a 5 clip give or take.  I would like to cut it with a 4 but a few weeks ago when i cut it with a 4 the scar was noticeable somewhat but I attribute this to some shock loss that will hopefully subside in the upcoming months.

Tightness:  All of my tightness has subsided for the most part and there is just some numbness here and there mainly around the scar area but nothing that I can’t tolerate and/or bothers me.

Working out:  I started working out again a week after my 2nd month going slowly at first but now at month 3 I am at a good workout pace doing about 70 percent of what I used to…as I am trying to be a tad on the conservative side when it comes to certain exercises.  It was def nice to get back to the gym and start getting back to how I was prior to my HT.

Propecia/Rogaine:  I have been on Propecia now for about 10 months and up until around say 7-8 months I didn’t feel like it was doing much but I would say in the last month or so I have noticed my crown thickening and not seeing a little thinness anymore in the mirror which amazed me…plus loosing less hair in the sink too…and my hair feel overall healthier and fuller.  Also I started Rogaine Foam 3 weeks after my HT so been on it for around over 2 months and I don’t mind applying it plus I am thinking maybe this is the reason why my crown looks better?  Perhaps the synergy bt Prop and Rogaine.  I actually like the way my hair looks and feels after I apply the foam as it acts kind of as a mousse and my hair feels and looks thicker…so i don’t mind it anymore I actually prefer that look! lol.

2 Months

I have just hit the 2 month mark.  As you can see I am clearly in the ugly duckling stages as I have lost the majority of my HT hairs.  I still have some redness esp on the corners as you can clearly in person see the shadow of my new hairline.  It is tough being in this stage because I do get restless at times just wanting to leave my house without a hat.  At times I feel like I am not in society in that I can’t really do anything socially without a hat and have to pick and choose where I can go (i.e. hat permitting).  I understand though that this is what I have to endure for the moment and I have fine with that.  Just thought I would vent a little!  lol.

I am still applying my rogaine foam twice a day and it really isn’t too much of a burden…literally takes a few minutes each time I am becoming a pro at it! lol.  From looking at my 1 month pics my other hair def has grown in (top and sides).  The sides were growing faster than my top so I decided to give myself a hair cut…quite interesting…bc I didn’t have the nerve/balls to go to my barber at this point.  I used a #4 guard and it went pretty well…but my scar showed a bit…mainly bc there is a little shockloss left still.

1 Month

Well today is officially 1 month! I am also officially in the ugly duckling stage as you can tell from my pics! Here are my updates:

Rogaine: I am on about week 2 of my Rogaine Foam experience and so far so good. It is a little annoying to have to put it on twice a day but having short hair allows application to be easy and takes about 5 minutes each time.

Shedding: I have been shedding a ton lately especially since applying Rogaine in that I massage my hair during application and a ton of hairs are all over my hands and sink…but I expected this so I wasn’t nervous about it.

Redness: I am not too red but it appears to be most red on my right side corner going to my middle of my hairline only. The left side has some shadow of where my implanted hairline was but the center of my hairline doesn’t really show any redness. My temple points are still a little red at this point.

Tightness/Numbness: I am not nearly as tight as I was even a week ago…I can clearly see a great difference in that I can turn my head and lift it up and down without feeling that pulling/tight sensation which is nice. My numbness has also went down but I still have some throughout the top of my head and mainly still right above my scar area but nothing too major or concerning.

Scar: In regards to healing it looks and feels pretty good. It appears that I may have some minor shockloss especially on my right side where the scar isn’t really covered too well by my hair as it appears to be some above and below the line. It also appears that my hair isn’t growing downward (growing to the right) so that it seems to be long enough but doesn’t fall down to cover the scar. I gather it will fall down eventually once it gets longer. My left side however is growing downward so it seems to be covering the scar somewhat but still see some lack of growth above and below it so it is still somewhat visible. The back however is where my hair grows the fastest and thickest so the scar looks really great back there and has a lot better coverage.

Overall: I am trying to keep positive as I know this is the time where it is the hardest especially when I see pictures and realize that I look pretty bad. My hair’s growth stages seems to be different throughout my head as the back grows nicely but the sides are slow to catch up…it has pretty much always been that way but I never buzzed it so low to visually notice it this much. The hair in my front where I had some decent hair originally doesn’t seem to be growing that quickly either perhaps from some shockloss but I really hope it all grows evenly when it is all said and done! I am going to try to stay positive and not worry about my hair for the month hoping that is grows to a point where it at least nicely covers the scar…I gather I will have to trim/shave it down again to keep it even with the lack of growth in my recipient site…fun fun!

Week 3

I am on Day 21 now and some things have changed.  All of my scabs are now off as I massaged them off during my showers.  I am showering normally again however I am still using Baby Shampoo for a little while longer.  I also started using Rogaine on Day 20.  My hairs are also starting to fall out unfortunately…especially after I apply Rogaine and massage it into my scalp a ton of hairs are on my hands!  I am going to miss my great hairline…hope to see you in a few months!!! In regards to scar, it looks good…slightly a little red still but overall looks good.  My hair is starting to grow around it so hopefully in a few weeks it will cover it so I don’t have to wear a hat anymore!  I still have some tightness in the back of my head but this is expected for a while.  I also still have some numbness throughout my head but again this is expected at this point.  Thankfully the hard part is all done (i.e. up until Day 14) and I look forward to healing and growing!