Day 8 through 14

Day 8 through 14

Day 8 through Day 11:  Nothing really has changed however I am getting slight scabs as I stopped the Vitamin E as of Day 7.  I am still spraying saline solution every few hours to keep the grafts moist.  I am getting my sutures removed on Day 13 (Dec 19, 2011).

I got my sutures removed on Day 13.  I went back to see Dr. Rahal as opposed to having my local GP take them out.  My rational was that I wanted Dr. Rahal to see how I was progressing as this is a crucial time to make sure everything is going according to plan.  Plus I just figured I came this far why risk going to a GP to have my sutures removed regardless of how easy it may be.  He said everything was going great and my scar looked really good and was going to be a good one!  I now am able to shower and have to massage my scabs off at this point.  Felt sooo good to finally shower my head…felt human again!  I now have to put Polysporin still on the scar for the rest of this week and see how it looks from there.  My scabs should be gone by this week.  I love feeling my hair as it feels like nice stubble…a feeling I haven’t felt in years!!!!  Now I am going to unfortunately lose my hairs…getting upset about it bc I love my hairline design!  Ugly duckling stage here I come!

Post Op regimen:  Dr. Rahal recommended using Rogaine to stimulate the growth in the recipient area so I am going to start using Rogaine Foam next week after the scabs are gone.  I didn’t really want to marry Rogaine but I figured I didn’t want to stray from his Post Op recommendations…so he said to use it for at least the first 12 months.

First Pic:

Top Row:  Day 8 and Day 9

Bottom Row:  Day 10 and Day 11

2nd Pic:

Top Row:  Day 12 and Day 13

Bottom Row:  Day 14 and Day 14 Scar (Post Sutures)

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