My Hair Loss Story

My Hair Loss Story

Like many of us, I had been slowly losing my hair for about 10 years give or take as I am now in my early 30’s.  I began noticing my hairline at the corners thinning a bit but I didn’t think that going bald would happen to me (we always think it happens to the next person but never to me?!).  I watched the corners continue to thin throughout my 20’s when I remember I started noticing it in the mirror and also I remember a co-worker said something to me and from then on hair loss has plagued me and my every waking moment.  I suddenly became obsessed with trying to conceal my hairline as it wasn’t horrible (early NW 3) but it was a nightmare to style and not show people I was losing my hairline.  I found concealers (Toppik) which helped dramatically in saving my 20’s.  It saved my self confidence even though it wasn’t ideal especially that I had to have it on at all times.  It kept my obsession at bay for many years allowing me to lead somewhat of a normal 20’s always worrying about my hair but never really having anyone say that I was balding because the concealer was so good especially that I just needed it in the hairline.  However, in my early 30’s, I was using more and more and it was becoming a chore as I had lost more hairline hair.

Finally after all those years of worrying and feeling inadequate under my concealer, I honestly hit a cross road in that I would just roll over and let hair loss take over and with it take my youth and self esteem or I was going to finally DO SOMETHING about it…soooo I took the leap of faith and got a Hair Transplant!

I decided to go with Dr. Rahal because his hairlines were unbelievable…so much that during my consultation I was able to actually see previous patients and finally saw it with my own eyes…I was officially a believer!  I felt I was in great hands to get back my hairline and be able to put my hairloss behind me which I haven’t been able to do for 10 years!  I hoped that once I restored my hairline and I kick the concealers, my life would finally be able to begin and I could be able to finally push “PLAY” !

Please read my wonderful HT journey…it is truly a testament to Dr. Rahal’s amazing work.

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