Why I chose Dr. Rahal

Why I chose Dr. Rahal

In order to make an educated decision about getting a HT, you in fact have to get educated about it.  I have researched for many months and thankfully found Dr. Rahal.  With all my knowledge I literally was able to consult with all the top doctors and even flew across the country to have a consult.

I am mainly a hairline case and at the end of the day you really need to go to the doctor that truly specializes in your kind of loss and produces CONSISTENT results…not just in pictures but also in person which I truly believe everyone should ideally see patients in person to see the true work of the doctor…examine their hair, talk with them about their experience and look at their scar because these are the things that really will seal the deal one way or the other for you. It really sealed my deal. I was thankful to reach out to patients of Dr. Rahal and email and chat with them and also meet them in person. Make sure also that they have your hairloss pattern as well! If you want strip then there are certain doctors that are great at strip…if you want FUE there are other doctors that you should consider…don’t automatically think because a doctor is great at strip that he will also be great at FUE…you have to SEE the results and make sure they are consistent results as even a broken clock is right twice a day!!! Dr. Rahal is proven in the hairline design and implementation department producing consistent unmatched results with his dense packing.

He was extremely humble and exudes a ton of confidence without being cocky which is characteristic every doctor should/needs to possess. I never really believed this statement but it thankfully happened in that when you meet the right doctor for your HT, you will just know he is the one…tacky as that cliche? is, it really is true at least in my case. You want to be 100% confident in your decision and doctor and never look back and thankfully I haven’t looked back since my decision which is rare for me because I second guess everything in my life! At this stage of my life I am tired of fighting hair loss and I want my hair back and in December I will get this! After I made my decision, I suddenly felt happy and encouraged that my hairloss issues will soon be gone so that I can finally move on from this emotionally and mentally crippling disease I have had for many years. It sounds pretty dramatic but in fact it really isn’t as we all suffer from issues that we struggle with on a daily basis and I feel if we have a chance at hopefully getting over them naturally that is great but sometimes we need some intervention…and my intervention is a HT.

If anyone is on the fence about Dr. Rahal, I would absolutely be open to hearing your concerns as I had a great experience with him during my multiple consultations with him!

So now that I have finally chosen my doctor I look forward to documenting my journey!


  1. Hi my name is John, I'm 47 yrs old and I'm fighting the same pre decision battle for a fue transplant . Really need some sound advice from patients direct on witch surgeon to go with and Rahal info. Wanna book an appointment soon.Dont wanna wait anymore! says

    U can reach me at1(416)888-3171. Toronto Ontario Canada


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