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Do You Offer a No Shave FUE Hair Transplant?

I’m based in the UK and really looking to rebuild and strengthen my hairline with FUE. With this procedure do you offer a no shave FUE hair transplant? Or does my full head need to be shaved? Thanks and look forward to your reply. Dear James, Rahal FUE™ or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) has become very […]

Am I Too Young for a Hair Transplant?

Hi Dr. Rahal. I’m only 24, and my hair loss has increased rapidly. It continues to be very thin as time goes by. I keep getting told that i’m too young for a hair transplant? I’m afraid of losing my hair. I’m lucky to live near your Toronto office and would like to schedule a […]

How Many Grafts Do I Need for a Full Head of Hair?

Hi Dr. Rahal. Can you tell how many grafts do i need for a full head of hair? I can send some photos if you like. Or should I just schedule a consultation at your Toronto office? I look forward to your reply. Thanks! Dear Chris, The amount of fullness (or density) that you can […]

Can You Transplant 4000 FUE in One Day?

I have had a consultation with you two years ago in Toronto, and if I ever do have a transplant, you’re the first on my list. I have two questions. 1) With FUE, are you able to transplant the 4000 FUE in one day or is it limited to a lower amount? 2) Can I […]

Can You Transplant FUE into Scar Tissue?

Hi Dr. Rahal, Hope all is well with you. I have a few questions about transplanting FUE into scar tissue. Do you perform many FUE procedures into scar tissue? Will FUE scars leave white or pink spots, or the donor area be detectable with a very short haircut (1/8 or 1/4 of inch)? What FUE graph failure […]

Will I Still Need to Use Toppik after a Hair Transplant?

Hi Dr. Rahal. I have a question about concealers like Toppik and Dermatch. Can I stop using them after a hair transplant procedure? Would the density be enough for me to stop being so depended on concealers? Dear Robert, This is a very good question… but the answer is not a simple one. Concealers such […]

How to Fix My Uneven Hairline? And Estimated Cost?

I had a hair transplant of 2300 grafts (at another clinic) by strip method 9 months ago. I’ve been applying Topical Finasteride and Rogaine mixture once per day. I also Apply RA plus Rogaine 2x per week as protocol from my surgeon. I am not happy with my hairline – it’s uneven – and am […]

How to Regrow Thinning Hair: A Simple 4 Step Plan

I’m 25 and starting to thin. Both my dad and brother have thinning hair. Wondering how to regrow thinning hair?? Or stop my hair loss before it gets worse. I’ve tried shampoo but does not seem to help. Is there anything I can do? Dear Chris, Losing your hair can be a crushing blow to […]

How Long Does Propecia Take to Work?

Just picked up a prescription of Propecia and will start taking it tonight. How long does Propecia take to work? And when can I expect to see results? I’m not really expecting any growth. Just want keep what I have and save the crown. I’m 26 and will get a hair transplant for the hairline […]

How Much Does Medical Hair Restoration Cost?

Hi Dr. Rahal. I am totally impressed with your hairline work…..I am a 21 and I am planning to restore my front hair with about 3000 grafts. I live in Houston how much does medical hair restoration cost! Thank you. Dear Ayush, I will assume that you came up with the assessment of 3000 grafts […]