My Hair Loss Story

My Hair Loss Story

I started losing my hair around 20 years old. I remember looking at graduation photo in University and noticing my hairline was slowly receding. I was able to conceal my receding hairline until I was almost 30 years old but it started becoming more difficult. My hair was still receding and it was no longer possible to cover the thin spots on my temples with my existing hair.

Like many other men out there I found myself stressing/worrying about losing my hair. I started doing some research on the internet which lead me to Dr. Rahal. I came across Dr. Rahal’s website and found so much positive information.

I contacted Dr Rahal’s office and had a phone consultation. I decided to book the procedure and haven’t looked back since. I had a 2000 FUE procedure in late March of this year. I can’t believe how easy it was.

Dr Rahal and his team were very professional and answered any questions I had. I have only positive things to say and am eagerly awaiting for my new hair to grow!

I’ve attached a photo of me prior to my procedure and two photo’s of me right after.



Donor Area

iphone 541

More to Come..


  1. Hi Connor. It must be about 2 weeks now since the procedure. You should find the scabs come away easy.

    The area covered looks similar to mine. You should end up with a stunning result!

    • Hi Matt, I apologize for the delay in responding. The scabs did fall off with ease. I did find that I was a bit itchy. It took a lot of will power not to scratch.

      I viewed your site and you’re right they both of ours look similar.

      I’m so excited for whats to come and can not wait for the results…

      • Hi Connor. A lot of patients have that itching. I was lucky and didn’t, but for some reason I had itching on the top of my head where no grafts were placed. That was weird and probably unrelated to the HT and I had the luxury of being able to scratch it! I see your new update and will swing over there immediately!

  2. stinger99 says

    looks good, any pics of the donor area.

  3. Sorry for the delay in responding I’ve been away. Yes, I do have pictures of the donor area on my computer at home. I’ll post them soon.

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