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Dr Rahal FUE Results on Hair Transplant Network

We’ve showcased a range of FUE cases at hairrestorationnetwork.com, and I recently decided to compile them into one forum thread to make them easy to find.

A lot of patients are requesting Follicular Unit Extraction and they often ask if the results are as good as they are with FUT. The answer to that is that the result will look the same whichever method is chosen, as the difference is all in the extraction process.

See the results thread here Dr Rahal FUE Compilation

If you click on the text links above each case you’ll be taken to the original thread where you’ll see the full set of photos.


1238 Grafts




620 Grafts – Female Patient




285 Grafts for Eyebrows – Same Female Patient




2549 Grafts



2402 Grafts



1803 Grafts



2589 Grafts



1831 Grafts


About Matt Heaton

Matt Heaton is a Patient Advisor at Rahal. He is active on the hair loss forums (as mattj) and is known for his detailed approach to patient guidance. He enjoys movies, writing and long walks with his dog, Murray.

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