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10 Months! Wow!

Hi everyone!

It’s been a long while since I updated. I’m now at 10 months and I really can’t say anything except my life has been transformed. I know I didn’t have nearly as bad as a pattern as some of you out there, but believe me when I tell you that I feel like my appearance has completely transformed. I can now wear my hair in a number of styles, and I have been trying out different haircuts.

I just actually got it cut yesterday, and while I think it’s a bit short, I think it’s going to grow in really well!! I may get my hairline lowered a bit more in the future, not sure yet as I’m holding out for a year or two to see how much worse my crown/mid gets. But so far so good!

My most recent pics are taken right out of the shower with a towel dry, in bright light, no flash. I combed my hair in different ways so you can get a good look at the hairline, as well as how I will likely style it. No product or concealer, this is 100% me. Dr. Rahal did such an amazing job that my temple area actually naturally curls the way it used to. You can see what I mean with the longer shots before my haircut.


ut.Front1 Front1 frontlonger fronttop1 hairlineclose1 hairlineclose1 shortclose shortside1 shortside2 shortside3 sidelong1 sidelong2

5 Months!

Hi eveyrone,

I hit 5 months exactly yesterday, so I thought I would snap a couple photos real quick. This is with some product in my hair (which I am uber stoked about). Can still not quite believe the transformation in the last 2 months. With month 6-8 coming, I expect it will be even better, and quite honestly if this was the final result, I would still be thrilled!



3 Months

A few days ago I hit the 3 month milestone. I gotta say that it’s starting to grow like crazy! I think I’m right on track. Can’t wait for the next 3 months where it will really grow in!

3 months 13 months 2

The Brookline Guest House

If you’re going to go to Ottawa to get your HT done, there’s no better place to stay. I know it has been mentioned a bit on HT forums, and it is WORTH mentioning. It’s extremely comfortable and clean, but also provides you with a no judgement atmosphere where you can socialize with other patients of Dr. Rahal. And let me tell you, having that camaraderie while you’re recovering is so fantastic. It’s about 3 minutes from Dr Rahal’s office on foot, and I can not mention enough how great it is to be able to get up early and go to the clinic for a worry free cleaning days after your surgery, without worrying about transportation or cabs. Mahesh the owner is an incredible guy that made sure I had every need looked after while I stayed there. It’s priced right and worth every penny! So do heavily consider it as an option when you decide to fly to Ottawa for your Rahal HT!



5 Days Post

IMG_8146 IMG_8148 postday5-1 postday5-2

1 Day Post Op – 2639 FUE Grafts!

As you can see, the work looks so clean. I had some swelling of course, but that’s all normal. My forelock is in very good shape and thus the doc designed my hairline around it, you’ll notice some shaved “lines” around where the grafts are placed to keep everything tidy.

IMG_8107 IMG_8108 IMG_8109 post1 post2 post3 post5

Pre Op Photos

Pre1 pre2 pre3 pre4 pre6 pre7

My Rahal HT story.

Hi everyone,

I got home last night after 6 days in Ottawa getting a long awaited HT with Dr. Rahal & his team. The time has flown by so fast already and I’m one week post op. To put it simply my experience was amazing. Every member of Dr. Rahal’s team is not only professional and incredible at what they all do, but they’re wonderful people who do everything they can to make your surgery as comfortable as possible. To explain a bit more, I can say the days leading up to my transplant were some of the most nerve wracking I’ve ever dealt with. Not only am I afraid of flying, but I have an incredibly deep fear of needles, I had to face my two biggest fears at the same time in order to get my HT; so to put it simply when I got to the office in the morning, I was a nervous wreck.  However, almost immediately after a few minutes talking with Dr. Rahal’s staff and settling in, I felt unexpectedly at ease. There’s an immediate sense of professionalism and comfort his staff all provide when you arrive. I knew I was in good hands.

After some pre-op photos, I met with the great doc himself and went over the details of my hairloss, my expectations and what he felt was  the best course of action. A few strokes of the pen and voila, I had my new hairline design finished. We did a couple more photos with my hairline drawn in, and I was prepped for the procedure. Dr. Rahal wanted to run some checks on my grafts to be sure I was a candidate for FUE due to my wavy hair, so that’s what we did first. Oh and for those of you who suffer from a fear of needles, let me put your mind at ease; Dr. Rahal knows what he is doing, and employed an amazingly skillful technique to make the injections a real breeze. The doc did some test extractions and after a 10 out of 10 approval, we went ahead.

Although the procedure lasted the entire day, I actually felt extremely comfortable and quite relaxed for the majority of it. The only uncomfortable part of the procedure being the numbing injections, and like I mentioned before, they were far easier to deal with than I had expected considering my extreme fear of needles. As well as Dr Rahal, I was in the hands of Mike, his lead technician throughout the day. I know it has been mentioned many times before, but Mike is incredible, and I would like to extend an honorable mention to him because of just how skilled and comforting he is. If you decide to take the plunge and get a procedure done with Dr. Rahal, you will understand exactly what I am talking about when you meet Mike. So after I was bandaged up after the last graft implant,  the good Doc himself gave me a lift back to the Brookline Guest House where I stayed. Wow… that was easy!?

The recovery process has been extremely easy, and other than being a little sore the night after my procedure after the numbing injections ran out (that’s what the painkillers are for), I have been breezing by without a hitch. Mu swelling had mostly gone by day 5,  I’m now in the waiting phase. Once you have a look at my pictures, you’ll understand just how excited I am for the coming months!!! I can’t wait to post updates as my new hair grows in, it’s going to look unbelievable!

Thank you Dr Rahal & Team!