4 months after

4 months after

hi Ladies,


Ok I have two people requesting for a photo of me now, 4 months in. I can tell you that my eyebrows look full. I don’t think they will ever look like “normal” eyebrows, but I also think that I have looked at eyebrows, their texture and shapes more than the regular person. So no one person will comment or has for that matter.
I am not sure if they’re full on grown. They tell me it will keep on getting fuller, and by my late night or early morning mild itchiness I think they’re right. However, if they stop growing at this point, its ok too. I’m happy with its fullness.

Attached is a photo of me with and without make up (I’m brave). When I put make up, I simply pencil it in so it completes the make up. Otherwise, if I go around with no make up, I’m ok with not filling them in at all. I do have to put some kind of hair gel to keep them down. I’ll return to this in a minute.

What you need to know: you have to be prepared to trim them often. Unlike your old eyebrows that grow at the same time and pluck at the same time, these hairs grow sporadically in different times. So you may go to work with one length and come home and have a few longer hairs.

The only thing I don’t like is because I have straight hair, if you look at me from my profile, you can see them sticking out straight. I put hair gel under my make up to keep them down, but its not working so well, and I still have to continue research on what product works best for my hair type. I need it to be firm, but not glossy. Which is the finish gel gives me.  I will keep you posted when I do. The curve around the nose bridge tend to stick out straight (due to my straight hair) so it takes a little patience and effort to tame them down, but with pencil it blends in. So unless you are looking only at my eyebrows, it is only noticeable to me and who ever I point it out to. If others notice, they haven’t mentioned it to me. Unlike when I didn’t have eyebrows and I kept on hearing how tired I looked.

I feel like I look younger. The eyebrows just makes me look vibrant. So I am very pleased with the results.

Here are two photos of me. One is this morning with no make up, and one is from yesterday going to work with make up.
Hope this helps. Sorry for my picture with no make up is scary. I figured it was useful to see what it will look like bare.

hope this helps Jeannine, Jane and my new friend Crystal who is getting it done next month! 🙂 eyebrow 4 months no make upeyebrows month 4


  1. Whether you have no make-up on or full face of make-up I still think you look beautiful. When I look at your brows, I can’t even see the problems you are speaking of and I know you’ve had it done! Keep up the great work maintaining them and I know no one else will notice too. I’m happy to hear how pleased you are with your results!

  2. Larissa Atamanchuk says

    Thanks for the post and the updated pictures Eyebrow Queen, your progress is looking fantastic! 😀 The growth period continues to 12 months post op, so you do still have more growth to come, and the density will fill in more as well once the hairs start to thicken up in the later months. You do have to “teach” your hairs to curl in so the gel is a great idea! As the hairs get thicker is will be easier to do this as well 🙂 Thanks for the update, I look forward to seeing more pictures in the coming months! Keep up the great work 😀 and you look beautiful, even with no makeup on! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the update! Love that you support your fellow eyebrow ladies 🙂 Also, your eye make up is so nice! I wish I had make up skills like you!! Look forward to your future posts.

  4. wow! they look amazing!! how many grafts did you get implanted eyebrow queen? also, about how long post op did your redness subside? my implanted area is very red. =(

  5. hey eyebrow queen thanks for your replies.
    I was wondering did you loose any of your grafts before 14 days? I am on day 13 and just lost 2 grafts I know its only 2 however I am still slightly concerned. I read online that after 10 days the grafts are already secure buy I should be fine. also when were you able to start wearing makeup to conceal the redness? when did you notice your skin start returning to its normal colour post op? thanks in advance.

  6. Hi !
    your pics are very good and i do his 15 day ago .
    i folow your page and pics , pleas get mor pics in page !
    thanks !

  7. Hi Eyebrow queen, thanks for the update, I’m at 12 weeks now no eyebrow growth and still pink in transplant site.

  8. Hi Jenna… You said your 12 weeks post op and no growt at all ?!? Hmm that’s a bit strange also has the color at least decreased in pinkness at all since your procedure ? Did you get your procedure done by dr rahal ?’ I’m at 3 weeks post op and still have about 50% of my grafts and some redness but I can cover it with makeup fortunately. I hear the redness is suppose to fade by 6-8 weeks but can last longer in fair skinned individuals which I happen to be.

    • Hi Jeannine, I didn’t have my procedure done by Dr Rahal, the pinkness has decreased minimally, but the texture is not smooth like surrounding skin, it can be camouflaged with makeup to a degree but its still noticeable that its different to surrounding skin. No growth whatsoever, but have heard it can take 4 months until any growth occurs, I am fair skinned and don’t think the pinkness will fade until 6 months, maybe longer. I’m a little concerned. Sorry to hijack your thread eyebrow queen just sharing my experience, which seems to be unusual :s

  9. Hi Jenna, I don’t have a lot of different texture like skin in the recipient area however I did have permanent makeup prior to my procedure which may be hiding the uneven skin texture. I understand and feel your concern though . I am still experiencing a lot of redness which has decreased a bit since my procedure which was 3 and a half weeks ago now. I’m in a very awkward stage where half of y grafts are still present and half have fallen out plus what very little hair I had prior to the transplant. I look very strange without makeup to say the least. I’m currently hiding behind bangs and am expecting to do so for the next four months at least. Do you use Aleo Vera gel or polysporin to help with the redness ? I heard that really helps speed up the recovery process as soon as I get the okay from Larissa (patient care advisor) I will be applying to religiously. Also have you used rogain on your brows to help speed up the growth process ? I will be starting this in the next week and a half. I am so hopeful that I will look “normal” again sooner than later. Keep me updates Jenna and eyebrow queen ! Best wishes

  10. you’ve had so much growth in just 4 months that’s crazy one of my brows is still patchy and more bare than the other one….. we haven’t ad any updates from you for awhile eyebrow queen hope all is well

  11. Hi Eyebrowqueen. I was wondering if you can post another photo? I would love to see how much growth you have had. I had this procedure done 6 weeks ago and I’m still very red and bumpy. Your blog is helping me to stay positive…and patient. Thanks.

  12. Hi Eyebrowqueen. I was wondering why it’s taking you so long to reply to Ashley’s post. You haven’t posted a photo in ages. Please do so as soon as possible. It would be really helpful since I am also considering an eyebrow transplant.

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