So its been over 3 years since my eyebrow implants. I have to say one important thing to anyone wanting to do this procedure- including informing the clinic. My point isn’t to destroy anyone’s hard working reputation, as the care I got there was stellar. Except there is some new info now, that I wish could of been checked by this clinic, due to the fact that they are specialized in implants and hair. So I will give everyone the benifit of the doubt in that they were not informed. Even if I am genuinely upset about this slip on your part.

It turns out I have a genetic immune disease called Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia. Basically my body attacks my hair follicles and sees it as a foreign entity. It destroys my roots and makes my hair fall. Therefore no implants can ever survive because the “soil”, as they call it, is scarred and nothing could ever grow or stay. This being said, I strongly believe that as a hair specialist, checking the soil in which the hair will be planted should of been part of the process in making sure the procedure would be a success. Giving your patient as many cards on their side in order to keep the new implants. Blood tests were brought to Dr. Rahal for my thyroid and HIV testing, but none of the genetic testing was ever done prior to my eyebrow implants.

I would of saved money, pain, and more importantly; I would of been over 3 years ahead of the game with proper care, prior to permanently losing my hair. There is no cure but there is a way to control it, and that is to have injections put on my hair follicles. If I would of known this 4 years ago, I would of had more hair today. Eyebrow and hair.

I turned to you, Dr. Rahal, as a hair specialist. This should of been caught 4 years ago. Please check out Dr. Jerry Shapiro for more info on this disease, and please check ALL of your future female patients for this genetic disease prior to doing anything on them.

How the hell isn’t this part of the procedure? That’s like being a construction worker without the right tools. Considering over 2500 people have read my posts, I think this is something that should be taken seriously, and I wouldn’t want to mislead anyone in going through the same sad road to discovery I just went through.





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