Rahal FUT Hair Transplant Review: "A New Man"

“My Hair Restoration Journey Has Made Me Feel Like an Entirely New Man.”

Agenteye shares his FUT hair transplant review

Agenteye, aka Mike, is an actual Rahal patient. He provided his FUT hair transplant review with the members of the Hair Transplant Network forums, a free, 3rd party resource for hair loss sufferers. This story is his, and all images you see here were supplied by Agenteye in his forum threads.

Agenteye's before and after photos from his FUT hair transplant review

Agenteye shared these photos in his FUT hair transplant review for the Hair Transplant Network

Mike did his research and chose Rahal

“I decided to cancel my procedure with the other clinic, and book my flight to Ottawa.”

Mike came to us as, in his words, “a solid Norwood 4.” He was 31, approaching 32, and fed up with his lack of hair… and his lack of options. The only choice he felt he could exercise were hair styles and hair coloring to hide his male pattern baldness. The options were limited by his hair, not his desire.

And what he desired was change.

Mike did his research and made a shortlist of doctors he wanted to visit. His big concern was getting it done; approaching 32, he felt he’d waited long enough. Dr. Rahal was at the top of his list, but another doctor was available sooner.

Initially, he booked with the other doctor, because when he decided he’d waited long enough, he’d really waited long enough. But when Chad, Mike’s senior counselor from Rahal, called to tell him Dr. Rahal had opened his books and had an earlier appointment, “I decided to cancel my procedure with the other clinic, and book my flight to Ottawa,” Mike said.

Mike found the Rahal community invaluable

“It was invaluable (at least for me) to have that kind of support after a surgical procedure.”

Miked started his hair restoration journey when he checked into Dr. Rahal’s guesthouse at Brookline. His take on the sense of community that imparted?

“YOU SHARE THE HOUSE WITH OTHERS WHO JUST WENT THROUGH WHAT YOU DID. It was invaluable (at least for me) to have that kind of support after a surgical procedure, and the guys that were there while I stayed there were really great!” Mike said.

For the procedure itself, Mike was scheduled for 4500 grafts. He describes the procedure:

“Dr. Rahal began to remove my donor strip. This part of the procedure went REALLY quick… Dr. Rahal definitely knows what he is doing here. He made it seem effortless, I was stitched up and ready for graft punching in no time.”

“I was told to choose a couple of movies to watch, as the long part of the procedure was up ahead of me. After the movies were selected, the Rahal Team brought me lunch (which you select prior to the commencement of your procedure). After I had eaten my sandwich, the technicians made sure I was comfortable again, started the first film, and began transplanting the hair into the freshly created sites. I happened to get through the entire movie of “Munich” and “What Happens in Vegas” just as the last hairs went into my head. PERFECT TIMING.”

All told, Mike received 4737 grafts, a little more than he expected.

Mike gave regular updates on his hair transplant progress

“I no longer feel the need to wear a hat every time I leave my house.”

The next few months, Mike kept the forums updated on his hair transplant progress under the Agenteye username. Regular updates at 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 months out from the procedure.

Over that same time, we were also kept up-to-date with his personal development and the part that his hair transplant played in that, such as his enrollment in nursing school, and the 4.0 GPA he achieved.

The user feedback was universal acclaim for Mike:

“Looks great buddy. I still give it 10/10,” Slickers said.

“Looking good! Looks totally natural,” rev333 commented.

“agent you look great!” echoed Number47.

“Congrats!! Happy for you and I look forward to your continued posts. They are very uplifting to many on here,” added Cant decide, another Rahal patient.

Mike’s final thoughts? “I no longer feel the need to wear a hat every time I leave my house. My family and friends still can’t believe it, and when we look back at old photos, it really reminds us all of where I started from.”

“It really makes me grateful that I did my research and made the decision to go through with this. It is easily one of the best things I have ever done for myself.”

If you go to the forums looking for help, you’ll find a user named Agenteye. And once you see the sense of community that Rahal cultivates, you’ll know him as your friend, Mike.

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About Chad Cooper

Chad Cooper is a Senior Patient Advisor at Rahal. He has been consulting and advising patients on hair loss for over 6 years. Educating our patients on what is right for them in combating their hair loss continues to be his top priority. He is a huge film buff, sports fan and has always been passionate about Personal Development, Health and Fitness.

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