Day 2 comments

Day 2 comments

I  ‘m now back home after a 3 hours drive. First, i want to talk about my experience at the Foxbar Guest House where I stayed for the night. It is such a nice and confortable place. You can’ t go wrong choosing to stay at this place! I met 2 men who just had their surgery, it was pretty fun to talk with buddies who shared the same experience as me . They were  so glad ,to have traveled to Ottawa for their Hair Transplant ,just as  i was. The house is all set for patients , each separate room has its bed , tv , radio and an El ran recliner, perfect cause you have to sleep at 45 angle for first 5 nights To prevent swelling. I had a good night of sleep, without any disconfort. In the morning, I ve had a good breakfast and then went back to the clinic for my follow up appointment. I met Mike the head -nurse ,I asked him to buzz my head  to facilitate the cleaning . He explained very cautiously every steps and answered all my questions.Then , i met Dr Rahal and he told me that I was gonna get great results ! But I knew this part , cause it’ s him who did my Hair Transplant;)


  1. I just took a look at all of the photos. Should be an excellent FUE result. Can’t wait to see how it progresses!

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