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Our October FUE Collection

Every week, Rahal showcases a successful Rahal FUE™ patient to the most discerning eyes: Members of hair restoration forums who share decades of hair transplant experience between them. These patients have different backgrounds, ages, types of hair loss, and needs. What they have in common is the Rahal FUE™ technique they’ve used to restore their […]

“With A Baby on the Way, I Didn’t Want Hair-Growth Chemicals in Our Home”

Toronto financial professional ‘Greg’ discusses his reasons for getting an FUT procedure with Rahal. His hair loss was affecting his job performance and he wanted to solve it… without chemicals. That meant hair transplants.  I’m 38 years old and work in the financial sector in Toronto. I’m married; my wife and I have a baby […]

“My Hair Restoration Journey Has Made Me Feel Like an Entirely New Man.”

Agenteye shares his FUT hair transplant review Agenteye, aka Mike, is an actual Rahal patient. He provided his FUT hair transplant review with the members of the Hair Transplant Network forums, a free, 3rd party resource for hair loss sufferers. This story is his, and all images you see here were supplied by Agenteye in […]

“Life’s Too Short to be Self-Conscious About Hair Loss”

Talking Hair Transplant with Los Angeles native ‘Dave’ What made him decide to get a hair transplant? Los Angeles native ‘Dave’ had a milder case of hair loss. But it was enough to make him self-conscious about his appearance. He had the desire and the means to do something about it. Today, he’s got full confidence—and a […]

“No Secrets — I’m Very Open About My Hair Transplant Surgery.”

A hair transplant patient from California opens up about his Rahal experience. Some of our clients don’t want others to know they’ve had a hair transplant. California native Matthew—his real name—says, “It’s simpler to just tell people than to keep secrets. It’s not a big deal.” My real name is Matthew Langford. My full-face photos […]

“My Hair Loss Bothered Me, So I Took Care of it Right Away”

He Didn’t Lose a Lot of Hair, But He Lost a Lot of Confidence. To Get His Hair–And His Confidence–Back, He Turned to Hair Transplants. Toronto Patient ‘Aaron’ Talks About His Reasons. ‘Aaron’ first noticed his hair loss as a young man in his mid-20s. He wanted to nip the problem in the bud, and […]

“My Life Has Been Transformed”

Theluckyllama (aka exante) shares his Rahal Hair Transplant Diary and Photos Theluckyllama, a Rahal patient, shared his hair transplant photos with the members of the Hair Restoration Network forums, a free, 3rd party resource for hair loss sufferers to share their hair transplant stories. He also posted his diary to our site under the name […]

“My life has changed, my confidence is back… This was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

jbny shares a personal Rahal hair restoration review jbny, a Rahal patient, shared his hair restoration review with the members of the Hair Restoration Network forums, a free, 3rd party resource for hair loss sufferers. This story is his and we’ve supplied no clinical photos. All images you see here were supplied by jbny in […]

“If I Could Have a Perfect Hairline, Why Not Have It?”

He wanted hair. He wanted the best. He wanted follicular unit extraction. Toronto native ‘Omar’ wanted Rahal. How much hair does someone have to lose before it hurts their sense of self enough to consider a hair transplant? It varies from person to person. Some people might say ‘Omar’s’ loss was minor, but it was […]

Woods’ Candidacy for Transplant Might Be Toothless Tiger

Tiger Woods Losing Hair? Definitely! Surgery A Solution? Probably Not. It’s no surprise to anyone who’s seen pictures or followed his career that the answer to the question “Is Tiger Woods losing hair?” is a resounding yes, absolutely! Tiger Woods’ hair loss recently came to the forefront, when he opened up about his male pattern […]