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Sorry Kate, Prince William will be bald by the time he’s 40

Article by writer and journalist Bianca London, explaining what treatments Prince William should take to prevent future hair loss and replace the hair that he has lost, after pop idol Justin Bieber said that he should take Propecia to treat his hair loss. She also explains that Prince William has a strong family history of […]

8 Questions to Ask during a Consultation [Podcast]

Click here to download the cheat sheet. Podcast Transcription Hello, and welcome to our new podcast brought to you by Rahal. I’m your host, Chad Cooper, a patient advisor here at Rahal, and I want to thank you for listening. This is our very first podcast which we’ll be turning into a regular broadcast here […]

[Video] How to Prevent Hair Transplant Shock Loss

Today I’m tackling the topic of shock loss: what is it and what can be done to minimize the risk. I discuss why it’s important to choose a skilled doctor, who uses proper instruments, and proven techniques to help reduce the risk of shock loss. Video Transcription Hi. My name’s Tara, and I’m a patient […]

[Video] FUT Scalp Laxity Exercises

Video Transcription Tara: Hi. My name’s Tara and I’m a patient advisor at Rahal. A common question I get from patients is what are the scalp exercises and what is the purpose of the scalp exercises? The scalp exercises are intended for patients who are having an FUT procedure, or follicular unit transplant. The scalp […]

Evolution of Hair Transplants – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Ever think hair loss is a modern day problem? That, years ago men just accepted their thinning hair and embraced it? Or how about the opposite sex is only more judgmental now that they have actors like George Clooney to compare their partners to? If this has been your train of thought then I believe […]

5 Hair Loss Forums You Need to Know About

I would wear out my keyboard typing up the reasons I’m thankful for the internet, but everything else would come below the words “hair loss research”. Having access to such a vast pool of knowledge is truly priceless. It can be the path to prevention of further loss, the compass pointing you to the best […]

CTV Interview with Dr. Rahal on Robotic Hair Transplantation

August is Hair Loss Awareness Month, and CTV interviewed Dr. Rahal on medications to prevent hair loss and advancements in hair restoration including a Robotic assisted hair transplant. Dr. Rahal is the first to perform a Robotic hair transplant in Canada and the only Canadian doctor offering this FDA cleared procedure to his worldwide patient […]

Top 10 Hair Loss Myths

In the weeks Whiteboard Wednesday, I am going to debunk myths about hair loss so you can separate fact from fiction. Do you know any myths about hair loss? Or wondering about a myth that you heard about? Let me know in the comments below! Video Transcription Hi, my name’s Tara, and I’m a patient […]

4 Reasons to Consider a Hair Transplant

To transplant or not to transplant? To some, the decision is as easy as choosing where to go on vacation, but for most it is more difficult than that. For those thinking twice about it, here are some reasons to consider saying yes. 1. Something is Missing… Waking up every morning and checking how much […]

Is There Any Way to Predict or Avoid Hair Transplant Shock Loss?

I am thinking about getting a hair transplant, but I keep reading horror stories about hair transplant shock loss after. If I do have a hair transplant, is there any way to know if I will have hair transplant shock loss? Is there any way to prevent shock loss from hair a transplant? Is There […]