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“Cant decide” Shares His Rahal Hair Transplant Review, Story, and Photos That Changed His Life.

“Just had my first haircut with a new hairdresser who didn’t suspect a thing.” Cant decide shared his Rahal hair restoration success story with the members of the Hair Restoration Network forums, a free, 3rd-party resource for hair loss sufferers. This story is his; we’ve supplied no clinical photos. All images you see here were […]


Now James, a FUE Hair Transplant Patient from Tampa, FL, Says His Hair Is “Better Than Ever” We spoke with “James”, a Rahal FUE Hair Transplant patient from Tampa, FL. He told us his hair loss story. It was simple enough: He had a great head of hair. He lost it. And he got it […]

“I Was Bald and I’m Not Anymore! Thank You Dr. Rahal!”

sirius67’s Shares His Hair Restoration Before and After Photos: “Dr. Rahal is numero uno in this industry, no doubt about it.” The story and the hair restoration before and after photos you see here were completely supplied by sirius67. sirius67 shared his Rahal hair transplant transformation with other members of the Hair Restoration Network, a […]

mr_predictable’s Hair Transplant After 9 Months: A-List Results

mr_predictable Shares His Hair Transplant Diary and Photos: From Dan Aykroyd to Don Draper mr_predictable shared his Rahal hair transplant after 9 months with the other members of the Hair Restoration Network, a free 3rd-party resource for hair loss sufferers. Check out his posts, as well as his hair transplant diary and photos, to see his complete progress. […]


Arthritis Drug New Baldness Cure? Unfortunately Not.   In June 2014, researchers at Yale University reported startling findings: By using tofacitinib citrate (commonly sold as Xeljanz and Jakvinus), a drug used to treat rheumatoid athritis, the Yale research time was able to regrow scalp hair and body hair in a patient with alopecia universalis. Update: […]

Do You Offer a No Shave FUE Hair Transplant?

I’m based in the UK and really looking to rebuild and strengthen my hairline with FUE. With this procedure do you offer a no shave FUE hair transplant? Or does my full head need to be shaved? Thanks and look forward to your reply. Dear James, Rahal FUE™ or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) has become very […]

Am I Too Young for a Hair Transplant?

Hi Dr. Rahal. I’m only 24, and my hair loss has increased rapidly. It continues to be very thin as time goes by. I keep getting told that i’m too young for a hair transplant? I’m afraid of losing my hair. I’m lucky to live near your Toronto office and would like to schedule a […]

How Many Grafts Do I Need for a Full Head of Hair?

Hi Dr. Rahal. Can you tell how many grafts do i need for a full head of hair? I can send some photos if you like. Or should I just schedule a consultation at your Toronto office? I look forward to your reply. Thanks! Dear Chris, The amount of fullness (or density) that you can […]

Can You Transplant 4000 FUE in One Day?

I have had a consultation with you two years ago in Toronto, and if I ever do have a transplant, you’re the first on my list. I have two questions. 1) With FUE, are you able to transplant the 4000 FUE in one day or is it limited to a lower amount? 2) Can I […]

Can You Transplant FUE into Scar Tissue?

Hi Dr. Rahal, Hope all is well with you. I have a few questions about transplanting FUE into scar tissue. Do you perform many FUE procedures into scar tissue? Will FUE scars leave white or pink spots, or the donor area be detectable with a very short haircut (1/8 or 1/4 of inch)? What FUE graph failure […]