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Hair Loss due to Chemical Straightening?

I am 24 years, male, live at new delhi, India. My hair loss started after i straightened my hair (i regret it till now). Suffering hair loss since 5 years. Initially lost temples and crown is thinning. Very depressing situation. Consulted a doctor and on medication some vitamins supplements and foltene, kairfall and bontrex lotion […]

Is a Norwood 4 Hair Transplant Possible with FUE?

Hi. My question is about FUE. Is a Norwood 4 hair transplant possible with good density and a nice hairline, if one were to keep the sides of their head really short and longer on top? Like the picture provided. Thank you for your time. I am very interested. Dear Matt, Thank you for your […]

“I’M NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING NOW!” – Read My Hair Transplant Review from Athens

Afraid of what he was seeing in the mirror, Stamatis started to look for answers to find a cure for his thinning black and curly hair. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him. Stamatis was successful, tall, dark and handsome, but thinning hair was crippling this Greek man’s confidence. He tried to downplay the […]

“IMAGE IS EVERYTHING”– A Rahal Patient Posts His FUE Results

For an aspiring actor, where image is everything, losing your hair is the cruelest blow. This was the case for FUE2579, a member on The Hair Transplant Network. As his hair got washed down the drain, so did his confidence, youth, and his acting career. Feeling depressed, FUE2579 turned to the hair loss forum to […]

“I LOVE MY NEW BROWS!” – Read Carol’s Eyebrow Transplant Review

An illness caused Carol to lose her eyebrows. Every morning when she looked in the mirror, Carol saw someone faded and deficient staring back. Distressed by her appearance, Carol tried to camouflage the problem with eyebrow pencils and concealers. It didn’t work. It was hard to feel like a woman when the features that amplified […]

“I SCORED A HOLE IN ONE!” – Read Mike’s Hair Loss Story

Growing up, Mike always got complimented for his thick and healthy hair. Through his hair, Mike felt confident and had an outgoing personality. But, deep-down Mike had a gut-wrenching feeling that the family tradition of hair loss would eventually catch up with him. In his early thirties, Mike first noticed his hair starting to fall […]

Bouncing Back – One Year to the Day, a Rahal Patient Posts His FUT Results

For years, Raphael84, a member of the Hair Transplant Network, worked his way through denial, anger, shame, and depression because of his receding hairline. He always felt inferior in social situations, afraid of bright lighting and weather conditions. Finally, he reached a decision – no longer would he hide behind concealers and hats – it […]

“I STARTED GOING BALD AT 14” – Mark Shares His Story from Tanzania

Imagine you are only 14-years old, already limited by teenage insecurities and potential bullies in high school – and on top of that – you’re going bald. This was the case for Mark (not his real name), who found himself singled out and excluded from his peers because of a receding hairline. Mark had to […]

“MY NEW HAIR FEELS AWESOME!” – Mick Shares His Story

When Mick first realized he was losing his hair at only 19-years old, he was absolutely mortified. He spent his early years at University – the prime time to build new relationships – hiding indoors and despising his reflection in the mirror. Sad and depressed, Mick realized he had two options: to accept the situation […]

“I Turned My Life Around” – My Hair Transplant Results, Review & Photos

At only 25 years-old – in the prime of his youth – Santi hit rock bottom because of a receding hairline. The once popular, athletic, and confident charmer was crumbling into an unhappy and unhealthy social recluse. He just couldn’t bear the fear of his hair loss being discovered. Only 12 months after Santi had […]