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Greg (not his real name) is a 40-year old professional living in Ottawa, ON. He’s a good-looking guy, but found that he had aged prematurely because of a receding hairline. It hurt his ego, and he felt he was losing his identity. Greg routinely shaved his head to hide the fact he was going bald. […]

Why So Many People Are Talking about Dr. Rahal

A must-see post by “agenteye” on The Hair Restoration Network highlights why Dr. Rahal has gained a lot of positive feedback on his FUE results. The post showcases a 38 year-old Web Developer who was a Norwood VI, and who felt that his hair loss was holding him back in life. Talk to a hair […]

Dr Rahal FUE Results on Hair Transplant Network

We’ve showcased a range of FUE cases at, and I recently decided to compile them into one forum thread to make them easy to find. A lot of patients are requesting Follicular Unit Extraction and they often ask if the results are as good as they are with FUT. The answer to that is […]

“HAIR LOSS IS NO LAUGHING MATTER” – My Experience, Photos & More

Hairgoesnothing (his online identity) is a 46-year-old Entertainer from Ontario. He has been entertaining audiences well over 25 years. He loves being on stage and making people laugh. However, his hair loss was overshadowing his concentration and stage presence. Enough was enough. A year after his hair replacement procedure by Dr. Rahal, Hairgoesnothing has regained […]

“I LOOK 10 YEARS YOUNGER” – Ben tells us his hair loss story

Hair transplant Toronto reviews by Dr. Rahal’s patients. Ben tells us his story… Ben (not his real name) is a 37-year old Web Developer living in Toronto, ON. He plays baseball and swims on a regular basis. Ben started becoming terribly image-conscious as a result of his thinning hair. He was not ready to accept […]


A recent post by “agenteye” on the Hair Restoration Network highlights why a lot of people are talking about Dr. Rahal’s hairline results. The thread showcases John, a 35-year old male who had an FUT hair transplant by Dr. Rahal. The patient wanted a more youthful looking hairline. Dr. Rahal placed 2872 grafts throughout his […]

“WHY I CHOSE DR. RAHAL FOR FUE” – My Review, Photos & More

His hair – or lack thereof – took over Craig’s life, a 43-year old Investment Broker in Toronto, ON. He became afraid of leaving the house if there was wind or rain, and grew scared of venturing to the hairdresser. Craig began hiding under hats more and more. Only one year after having a hair […]

“I HAVE MY IDENTITY BACK” – View My Hair Transplant Results

 A patient of Dr. Rahal is so impressed by his hair transplant results that he had to share with us his story… Martin, a 41-year old Vice President of a small pharmaceutical company based in New York, lost his identity. Each time he looked in the mirror, he couldn’t recognize the man staring back at […]

“I LOOK HEALTHIER” – John tells his hair loss story

John (not his real name) is a 35-year old photographer living in Toronto, ON. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, running, biking, and swimming. However, John struggled with his hair loss and began to accept that it was his fate. Then he found a solution. Just nine months after a 2872 FUT […]

My Exclusive Interview with the American Hair Loss Association

Spencer David Kobren is the founder and president of the American Hair Loss Association (AHLA). It is a national non-profit organization which recommends fewer than 50 elite surgeons worldwide. The AHLA provides unlimited information and resources to educate the public, healthcare professionals and the mainstream media about the devastating effects of hair loss. Schedule a […]