Must-see hair restoration review from a real Rahal patient!

“My life has changed, my confidence is back… This was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

jbny shares a personal Rahal hair restoration review

jbny, a Rahal patient, shared his hair restoration review with the members of the Hair Restoration Network forums, a free, 3rd party resource for hair loss sufferers. This story is his and we’ve supplied no clinical photos. All images you see here were supplied by jbny in his forum threads.

jbny displays before and after photos from his hair restoration review

jbny shares his results after seven months — he’s only halfway to the final results!

How did he choose his hair restoration physician? “I’d been researching surgeons for a long, long time.”

“jbny” came to Dr. Rahal as a Norwood 4 and left as a new man in control of his hair loss. With a receding forelock & temples and a balding crown, jbny chose Dr. Rahal as his hair restoration physician after doing plenty of research on hair transplantation and asking as many questions about hair loss and hair restoration surgeons as possible.

He had been suffering from hair loss for many years and browsing the forums casually. “I have been reading these forums for many years. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed for helping me to make my decision about my HT surgery.”

His consultation with Dr. Rahal led jbny to decide on 3500 grafts. That would leave him with 2500 good, viable donor hairs for the future, if he chooses.

jbny’s hair transplant was completed in October 2013. In May 2014, he shared these photos with other members of the forums.

He posted to share his experience, so he could help others as much as the other members had helped him. “I hope that my website will be as helpful to others as many have been to me,” jbny said.

He shared his results at two, three, four, five, and seven months. He only missed the sixth month because he was so busy enjoying his new lifestyle that he didn’t have time to check in. And at only seven months, he still has a lot of growth to go!

From jbny’s own hair restoration journal: “Dr. Rahal is a true artist in his craft. You can tell the moment you walk in the door.”

“Dr. Rahal is a true artist in this craft and you can tell the moment you walk in the door.”

His experience reading forum posts and blogs from other hair loss sufferers made him decide on a two consultations with Dr. Rahal. Dr. Rahal’s reputation as a “true artist in his craft” cemented his decision: “As many have said before me, [Dr. Rahal] is a true artist in this craft and you can tell the moment you walk in the door,” he wrote in the hair restoration journal provided to all forum members.
As for the surgery itself, Dr. Rahal was confidence-inspiring: “I was quite comfortable and relaxed and ready to get it over with.” jbny was offered a movie or some music to pass the time. He settled on some music, kicked back, and let Dr. Rahal get to work.

After the procedure, the team gave him the full chauffeur service, whisking him away to the guesthouse to recover. (“An amazing place to stay,” jbny says.)

Two Months In and Already Ecstatic

At two months, jbny shared his first real update after surgery. The news was optimistic for two months, and foreshadowed things to come. In a testament to Dr. Rahal’s skill as a surgeon who not only creates the appearance of hair in the recipient area, but preserving the appearance of the donor area, jbny said, “I only included one photo of my donor area simply because there is nothing to see, the scar is nearly undetectable at this point which I am very happy about.”

At Four Months, His Excitement Was Growing with His Hair

“I’m being completely honest when I say that I am extremely happy with whats happening.”

At only four months, he still had plenty of hair growth left to get out of his hair transplant. Nonetheless, his excitement was palpable. “Alright, so I am finally at the 4 month mark and am being completely honest when I say that I am extremely happy with whats happening,” jbny said.

“I have seen a lot of new growth in the past month, and new hairs seem to be popping up all the time,” jbny added.

Other posters were equally enthusiastic. With traditional strip surgery, the appearance of the donor area is always a concern. But two months earlier, jbny had noted Dr. Rahal’s expert preservation of his donor area, a sentiment now echoed by forum user greatjob. “The scar looks phenomenal, completely hidden even though your hair is cut short,” greatjob said.

“Looks great!!” said Cant decide, another Rahal hair transplant patient featured on our site.
Scooter contributed his thoughts: “Wow, quite a change from 3 to 4 months! Looking forward to seeing your 6 month pics for sure.”

“It’s amazing how much I have stopped stressing over what my hair looks like.”

At five months, jbny said, “Every week I am seeing more and more improvement and continue to be extremely happy with the result so far.”

“I used to spend 20-30 minutes just trying to cover up what wasn’t there. Now, I spend about 5 minutes tops every day.”

His comfort level and quality of life was growing, too. His updates came less and less as he was out enjoying himself. “I would feel quite comfortable going out without any concealer on and I have done it… It’s amazing how much I have stopped stressing over what my hair looks like. Before, I used to spend 20-30 minutes just trying to make it look “right” by trying to cover up what wasn’t there. Now, I spend about 5 minutes tops every day.”

hsrp10 summarized it perfectly. “looking really good man and I can relate to what you said, gotta love the freedom!” he said.

“That freedom feeling is what it’s all about,” rev333 agreed.

“My how things have changed.”

He was enthusiastic about his results: “I can hardly believe that 7 months have already passed, and I am completely honest when I say that this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My life has changed drastically, and the results have greatly surpassed my expectations.”

He’s busy enjoying life, no doubt. With this progress still developing as we post this–not yet at the full year mark–you can check back with jbny and follow more of his hair restoration progress in the future!

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