See This Amazing Hair Transplant After 9 Months

mr_predictable’s Hair Transplant After 9 Months: A-List Results

mr_predictable Shares His Hair Transplant Diary and Photos: From Dan Aykroyd to Don Draper

mr_predictable shared his Rahal hair transplant after 9 months with the other members of the Hair Restoration Network, a free 3rd-party resource for hair loss sufferers. Check out his posts, as well as his hair transplant diary and photos, to see his complete progress.

mr_predictable had stars in his eyes. He wished for the robust male hairline made famous by celebrities, and who could blame him? Plenty of men experiencing hair loss dream of their perfect hairline.

mr_predictable's hair transplant after 9 months

mr_predictable before his hair transplant and after, with his new, youthful Rahal Hairline™ at just 9 months… there’s still plenty of growth to come!

Like many men looking for a solution to their hair loss problem, mr_predictable started losing his hair at an early age. “I started losing my luscious locs at about 19. It was slow and annoying at first, however, it progressively got worse and became more noticeable.” Without a permanent solution, mr_predictable began to feel like other hair loss sufferers. “It can drive a person insane,” he said.

Pills and Rogaine Not Working: “Nothing helped my cause, and I’m sure I’ve financed more than a few Porsches.”

mr_predictable tried to manage his hair loss with laser therapy, Rogaine, and Propecia. No temporary solution helped what he called his “trip through hairloss hell.”

By 27 years old, between his dwindling patience with Propecia and Rogaine not working, he’d “finally had enough. It was time for me to do something about my hairloss.” He wanted a hair loss solution that actually works. Thanks to the outstanding online community of hair loss sufferers and hair transplant successes at the Hair Restoration Network who helped him research the best hair transplant surgeon, mr_predictable scheduled a consultation with Dr. Rahal.

With his personalized treatment plan and the desire for an aggressive hairline, mr_predictable and Dr. Rahal decided on 3400 grafts for a full, dense hairline.

“It’s crazy thinking back to how much I used to fret over my hair—now I don’t even notice it. It’s truly a liberating feeling.

mr_predictable made some dream hairlines - his Rahal results are better, he says

mr_predictable spent his time recovering at the guest house with Photoshop, imagining what his hairline might look like: the Bradley Cooper hairline (left) and the David Beckham hairline (center). But he spent his time with us designing the perfect hairline for him: The Rahal Hairline™ (Right)

“By the way, to those that laughed at my original Photoshop pictures, I’d say my actual results were even better.

He had his hair transplant surgery in July of 2013. To pass the time, mr_predictable put together some mock-ups of his “dream results” with the hairlines of male celebrities in his own hair transplant pics.

Members of the community had a laugh.

The joke’s on them, though: At 8.5 months, mr_predictable posted his own results…

“By the way, to those that laughed at my original Photoshop pictures, I’d say my actual results were even better.”

We’re extremely proud to have helped mr_predictable end his “hair loss battle” with a permanent hair loss solution that puts A-list stars to shame.

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About Chad Cooper

Chad Cooper is a Senior Patient Advisor at Rahal. He has been consulting and advising patients on hair loss for over 6 years. Educating our patients on what is right for them in combating their hair loss continues to be his top priority. He is a huge film buff, sports fan and has always been passionate about Personal Development, Health and Fitness.

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