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Hair Transplant Forum Advocate (Bill Seemiller) Helps Thousands of Hair Loss Sufferers

A picture of hair transplant forum advocate, Bill Seemiller.

Hair transplant forum advocate, Bill Seemiller, helps people all over the world deal with their individual concerns about hair loss.

Bill Seemiller, 36, is the Managing Publisher of the Hair Transplant Network, the Hair Loss Learning Center, the Hair Loss Q&A Blog and the Hair Restoration Forum and Social Network  Bill has helped educate and support thousands of hair loss sufferers around the world through his involvement in the hair transplant forum. “I know first-hand how difficult it can be to battle and cope with hair loss. Thus, it makes me happy to support and provide others with the necessary tools to find solutions that best suit them,” said Bill.

What hair loss treatments did you try? (Plugs, drugs and rugs)

Bill suffered from alopecia when he was only 21-years-old. It was upsetting. He tried everything to re-grow his hair but nothing seemed to work. “I tried a number of solutions. The first hair loss treatment was Rogaine 5% liquid. While it appeared to be working, I foolishly stopped taking it for a while. When I started using it again, it caused significant scalp irritation.” Bill attempted a watered down 2% solution of Minoxidil but it had limited results. He tried several other hair loss treatments for men. “I tried a number of alternative treatments such as Revivogen, Nioxin, Nism and more – all with no real success.”

Bill hid his hair loss under hats. “Since I was very fond of and always wore hats during my youth, I concealed my balding with hats just about every time I went out. When my hair loss became pretty obvious I wouldn’t go anywhere without a hat. I would often avoid social activities that required me to take my hat off.”

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Bill decided that the only solution to regrow his lost hair was a hair transplant. It was this wake-up call that not only changed Bills life but spurred him to help others. Bill explains, “I was so satisfied with my own hair transplant experiences that I wanted to give back by helping others meet their own hair restoration goals.”

A picture of Bill Seemiller before and after his fourth hair transplant.

Before, Bill had a receding hairline and thinning on the crown. After, Bill had a successful fourth hair transplant procedure to create this natural and denser result.

“I never thought I’d be so happy to have a bad hair day”

We asked Bill why having hair is so important. “Hair is as important as someone makes it out to be.  In reality, hair does not make the man (or woman). However, hair loss can have a deep psychological impact on many who experience it.  It certainly had an effect on me and restoring it stopped me from always obsessing about my hair.  I never thought I’d be so happy to have a bad hair day,” replied Bill.

“Hair loss sufferers often have a distorted body image”

Hair loss can be absolutely devastating for the sufferer’s self-image and emotional well-being. Bill explains, “Hair loss affects everyone differently. However, it can be a large contributor to anxiety (or even depression). How we feel about ourselves (which in part stems from the way we feel about how we look) can have a negative impact on how we respond and relate to others. Thus, hair loss sufferers often have a distorted body image, are more self-aware of their thinning hair (even if others wouldn’t even notice) and often lack at least some confidence necessary for a healthy dating life.”

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Does a hair transplant work?

Advances in modern technology, state-of-the art micro-surgical techniques, and scientific breakthroughs have made hair restoration an option for both men and women. It can be life-changing. “Hair transplants, when done right, can be so natural looking that even hair stylists can’t detect them. As a patient I have had some interesting conversations with friends and family regarding their view on hair transplantation. Those I tell about my own journey and transplanted hair often have a hard time believing me because of how natural it looks,” said Bill.

“Dr. Rahal should be considered for hair transplant surgery”

We asked Bill if he would recommend Dr. Rahal for a hair transplant procedure. Bill replied, “In my opinion, Dr. Rahal is world renowned and should be considered for hair transplant surgery.”

“Dr. Rahal’s ability to create highly refined natural looking hairlines has always impressed me.”

Dr. Rahal is labeled by patients as the “King of Hairlines” in online reviews. Bill explains, “Dr. Rahal’s ability to create highly refined natural looking hairlines has always impressed me.

As the managing publisher of the Hair Transplant Network, I’ve seen dozens of examples of Dr. Rahal’s results.  I’ve also seen some very impressive results of his in person.”

How do you select the best hair transplant doctor?

Bill explains what potential patients should look for when selecting a hair transplant doctor. “In my opinion, a good hair transplant surgeon will employ cutting edge, state-of-the-art techniques; have a long history of producing natural looking results, and put a patient’s needs and goals ahead of technical dogma.”

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Bill adds, “I would personally recommend hair transplant surgery by a qualified surgeon as a possible option to anyone whose life has somehow been negatively affected by hair loss.” To see the advanced criteria used to recommend surgeons on the hair restoration social network visit the physician selection standards page.

A picture of Dr. Rahal performing a hair transplant procedure using state-of-the-art technology.

Dr. Rahal employs cutting-edge, state-of-the-art techniques when performing a hair transplant. “Dr. Rahal’s ability to create highly refined natural looking hairlines has always impressed me. I’ve seen dozens of examples of Dr. Rahal’s results. I’ve also seen some very impressive results of his in person,” said Bill.

Why did you get involved in the hair loss industry?

Bill first got involved in the Hair Transplant Network forum as a prospective patient considering hair transplant surgery. “During my initial research, I found Patrick Hennessey (publisher of the Hair Transplant Network) and read all about his personal journey and viewed his before and after photos.”

“Dr. Rahal is world renowned and should be considered for hair transplant surgery.”

Bill was impressed with how Pat provided helpful advice and support to men and women suffering with hair loss. “I admired Pat’s dedication to help others by finding and recommending only physicians that he’d trust with his own scalp.”

In 2004, Bill became a regular poster on the hair loss network after having his first hair transplant procedure. “I underwent my first hair transplant with a local doctor recommended on the Hair Transplant Network, in Pennsylvania.”

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Bill explains how he felt inspired to help other hair loss sufferers because of his successful hair transplant. “My successful hair transplant surgery from physicians recommended on the Hair Transplant Network provided me with a lot of passion to give back to the overall patient community.”

“I’m a patient advocate but many consider me an online mentor.”

Posting regularly on the Hair Transplant Network blog became a hobby for Bill. “After approximately two years and creating over 4000 helpful discussions and posts on this discussion forum, Pat hired me as the part-time Associate Publisher. In time, I became the full time Managing Publisher of this community.”

Bill underwent four hair transplant procedures and just over 9600 grafts in a five year span. “This restored not only a large portion of my hair but my lost confidence as well,” said Bill. You can view more before and after hair transplant photographs of Bill on his hair loss website.

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Have you ever been touched by someone’s hair loss story?

Bill talks about the most rewarding part of his job. “I am touched and inspired by someone’s story and hair restoration journey just about every day.”  Bill explains, “The most rewarding part of my position is when someone who was previously devastated by hair loss is transformed into a confident and positive individual because they found and implemented a viable solution that worked for them.” He adds, “In many cases, this is finding and undergoing hair transplant surgery with a world renowned surgeon recommended on the Hair Transplant Network.”

Why are online forums important?

Having a men and women’s hair loss forum is important. Bill explains, “Men and women often find it difficult discussing their concerns about hair loss with friends and family members. Thus, discussion forums provide hair loss sufferers with an anonymous way to discuss an otherwise difficult topic with others with similar concerns.”

Hair loss forums enable an international audience to share and exchange ideas, and discuss treatments that have and haven’t worked for them. “Hair loss discussion forums not only provide balding men and women worldwide with the support they need, but they are a potential consumer’s best resource to learn what really works before undergoing any treatment,” said Bill.

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Bill finalizes why the hair restoration network is important. “Frankly, nothing beats having your own personal questions answered directly and quickly by veteran patients and expert hair restoration physicians.”

“We preserve free speech and keep our forum balanced and fair”

The Hair Transplant Network forum understands the importance of transparency. “Ultimately, our discussion forum promotes free speech and allows patients to share their genuine experiences, photos and opinions good or bad regardless of the physician. This kind of transparency keeps our community and its recommendations credible and accountable and helps us assess a recommended physician’s ongoing work and results,” said Bill. He adds, “You can learn more about how we recommend hair transplant surgeons on our hair loss forum.”

What are the main obstacles faced in forums?

There is a great deal of misleading and confusing junk online concerning hair loss. Men and women fighting thinning hair come to the hair loss forums to get real information, direction, and support. “Our primary mission is to provide hair loss suffering men and women with the necessary tools to find support, treatments, and quality physicians,” said Bill.

The hair transplant industry is unregulated and a lot of potential patients are given false hope. Bill explains, “Late night infomercials and media providing false hope of a hair loss cure, coupled with the shame many men and women feel are major obstacles to accomplishing our mission.”

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Bill adds, “However, many men and women are now turning to the internet for answers, information, and support. All in all, I’d say we’re doing a pretty good job reaching a large male and female audience and helping them get past the hype and find treatments that really work.  I expect we’ll reach even more with continued efforts coupled with the persistent growth of the internet.”

What are your future goals in the hair loss industry?

Bill talks about the ultimate goal of the hair loss forums. “Our ultimate goal is to reach and help as many battling baldness as possible, and equip them with the necessary tools to make informed decisions. This includes determining which treatment(s) to use, and finding a world renowned surgeon for those considering hair transplant surgery.”

Bill has built his profession on the hope of changing the way we experience hair loss, and the way society treats hair loss sufferers. To contact Bill directly, you can email him at: It’s important that you know you are not alone.

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