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A picture of Adam before & after his hair transplant in Ottawa with Dr. Rahal.

After many years of suffering a receding hairline and hiding under hats, Adam scheduled a hair transplant with Dr. Rahal. A year later, Adam can’t believe the difference. “I’m really glad I’ve been given a second chance at having a full head of hair again!”

“Having confidence in the fashion industry is a must”

“I feel very lucky to have Dr. Rahal in my city.”

Adam (not his real name), is part of the growing fashion industry in Ottawa, ON. He is a photographer and Creative Director of a fashion magazine. In this vanity-driven industry hair is a BIG deal. “Having confidence in the fashion industry is a must,” said Adam. “When I first noticed my hair thinning I became more self-conscious. I was young and in good shape and it just seemed so unfair.”

In April 2012, Adam took control of his hair loss. He scheduled an appointment with Dr. Rahal at his hair center in Ottawa, ON.

One year later, Adam talks to us about his hair transplant in Ottawa. “Everyone was absolutely friendly. I knew from my consultation with Dr. Rahal what to expect.”

Adam felt comfortable and cared for during his procedure. “The procedure was great! I was really surprised that I did not experience any discomfort. They were always paying attention to my needs. They asked me what I wanted to eat, and they even gave me a movie to watch. I was blown away by their attention to me.”

“Hair loss stole my identity”

Adam told us how a receding hairline stole his identity. “Hair loss came as a shock for me. I looked at my uncles on either side of the family and noticed their hair started thinning much later when they were in their forties. I always thought it could happen to me, but at a much older age.”

Adam started to hide his balding under hats. “I began wearing more and more hats. Each time I reached for a hat it would remind me of my hair loss.”

“Dr. Rahal is the King of Hairlines”

Adam started researching a hair loss clinic online. “What really grabbed my attention was a combination of all the amazing before and after pictures on Dr. Rahal’s website.”

Dr. Rahal had been labelled by his patients as the “King of Hairlines,” and Adam wanted these natural hairline results. “It was all about the hairline for me, and I wanted to have a natural result.”

A picture of Adam's hairline before and after his hair replacement.

Adam is pictured here before and 12 months after his procedure with Dr. Rahal. “Getting a hair transplant made me feel younger and people really noticed the difference,” said Adam.

Do hair transplants work?

We asked Adam if he has achieved his goal. He said, “It’s hard to expect what your hair is going to look like at the time of the procedure. I wanted my hairline to look very natural.”

After a couple of months Adam started to notice his hair changing. “Within a couple of months you could see a big change. Six months came about, then seven and eight and my hair just got better and better.”

Today Adam boasts about his hair restoration. “People want to touch my hair, they want to pull it and they want to examine it. I find it very flattering because they can’t believe I had this done. I am very happy I had a hair transplant. I feel very lucky to have Dr. Rahal in my city.”

“Having hair is very important”

Adam told us that his hair replacement procedure transformed his life. “I’m losing weight because I feel happier with myself.”

He adds, “Getting a hair transplant made me feel younger and people really noticed the difference. I think having hair is very important. I do feel better about myself and that affects every part of my life. My family, my friends, and of course my relationship have noticed this change. I’m really glad I’ve been given a second chance at having a full head of hair again.”

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