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“I STARTED GOING BALD AT 14” – Mark Shares His Story from Tanzania

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Before Mark had a hair transplant with Dr. Rahal, he worried about the African sunlight highlighting his scalp. Today, this is no longer a problem. Mark’s hair looks great, and he no longer lets the elements dictate his day.

Imagine you are only 14-years old, already limited by teenage insecurities and potential bullies in high school – and on top of that – you’re going bald. This was the case for Mark (not his real name), who found himself singled out and excluded from his peers because of a receding hairline.

Mark had to stand by and watch helplessly as his hair loss got worse. Robbed of his youth and stripped of his confidence, it became a struggle to talk to girls or even participate in sports. It was not until years later, now in his late twenties, that Mark had a wake-up call. It was time to reverse the curse.

Coming up to 12 months after Mark’s hair transplant with Dr. Rahal – he is beyond impressed with the results and his life completely changed. Mark now has the self-belief to pursue his goals and dreams, and he no longer lets the weather or elements outside of his control, dictate his day.

Tell me about yourself?

“I’m 30-years old, working as an accountant, and I live in Tanzania.

After work, I play and watch soccer. During the weekends I enjoy visiting the cinema especially during the big Hollywood summer blockbuster season. I also like to read fantasy novels, my favorites being ‘The Lord of The Rings’ and ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series.

How did hair loss make you feel?

In high school, not only did I have to cope with teenage insecurities and potential bullies – on top of that – I was going bald. At only 14 years old I felt devastated because of my appearance. I thought how could this be happening to me? I am far too young for this curse.

My hair loss inhibited my life. Instead of attending events and socializing like normal teenagers, I hid at home. I was too afraid to talk to girls because I looked so awkward, and I feared they would laugh at me.

“As a teenager I just wanted to be accepted in my peer group and hated the fact that losing hair made me different.”

My thinning hair also curtailed a lot of my outdoor activities. The weather began dictating my day. If it was windy, too much sunlight or raining outside I would stay indoors. The worst activity was swimming. You could really see my scalp when my hair was wet, so I stopped swimming altogether.

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What types of hair loss treatments (plugs, drugs or rugs) have you tried?

When I was 16-years old, I started using Minoxidil. Growing up in Africa, you are limited with options when it comes to hair loss treatments. The few available are very expensive. I had to go to an upscale pharmacy. I eventually had to quit taking Minoxidil. It was too expensive for me at that age.

In 2005, I left Africa and went to Toronto for my studies. I started using a hair loss treatment called Propecia. I was about 22-years old at the time. Propecia made a huge difference in terms of maintaining my hair. However, I still wanted to find a permanent solution.

What made you decide to do something about it?

I hit a wall. I was missing out on the best years of my life – the prime time of my youth and getting involved in relationships. Hair loss was inhibiting my life and aging me before my time.

This was my wake-up call.

I needed a lifelong lifestyle change. Hair loss had turned my life upside down and I was about to turn my life the right side up. I decided to take the massive step to have a hair transplant.

What was it that convinced you to go to Dr. Rahal for your hair transplant?

I discovered Dr. Rahal through Spencer Kobren and his website – The Bald Truth Talk.

I found nothing but positive things being reported about Dr. Rahal and his work. It intrigued me. I then found Dr. Rahal’s website and viewed his blog section. I read his past patient hair transplant reviews and viewed their before and after results. It was like night and day.

I had diffused thinning around my hairline, so I was particularly interested in seeing the reviews of Dr. Rahal’s hairline patients. I wanted my hairline to look natural and age appropriate.

Furthermore, the service I got from Dr. Rahal’s representative Matt (from the UK) was incredible. He tended to my every query and at no stage came off as trying to push a procedure on me.

The final factor that convinced me was the geographical location. He is based in Ottawa. I was living in Toronto at the time. It was just ideal.

Surgery was his secret – and still is

I don’t blog about my hair loss because I find it very difficult to talk about. No one knows about my hair transplant apart from the people at the Rahal clinic. It’s my secret. I haven’t even told any of my friends or family.

My mom pointed out that my hair looks thicker. However, she thinks my hair is growing because of the hair loss treatments. I haven’t told her about my procedure.

The reason I haven’t told anyone, is because a lot of people don’t understand how devastating it can be to lose your hair. I often felt inhibited and suffered from low self-esteem because of my hair loss. This is the reason why I don’t talk about it, except now. It was a very testing period in my life.

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How do Dr. Rahal’s hair transplant results look and feel?

My life has changed since my hair transplant. I love combing my hair. It’s a surreal feeling. It takes me back many years, to when I was younger and still had all my hair.

A picture of Mark before and eight months after his hair transplant.

Mark, just eight months after his successful hair transplant with Dr. Rahal using 2047 follicular unit grafts.

Do you have any advice for those considering a hair transplant?

Don’t jump into anything too early and take the time to assess your options.

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Rahal over any other doctor. He is the number one hair transplant doctor. My results speak for themselves. The atmosphere of the clinic is not brash and in your face. They are very honest with you and open about your options.

Not only is the Brookline Guesthouse convenient, it’s also an exclusive accommodation for Dr. Rahal’s patients. There is a sense of community and togetherness as you interact with and share life experiences with fellow patients.

Was a hair transplant worth it?

Having a hair transplant has been the most profound decision I have ever made. It changed my life. I no longer let the weather dictate my day. Before, I use to worry about the African sunlight highlighting my scalp, but now I no longer have that fear in the back of my mind.

My confidence has peaked. I am more outgoing and this has helped me with relationships. I feel I can approach people without feeling awkward. Life is just so much better since my procedure.

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Patients have nicknamed Dr. Rahal “The Hairline King.” What do you think about that?

I have to be honest, I laughed when I read Dr. Rahal had been nicknamed ‘The Hairline King.’ I do agree that his hairlines are second to none, but Dr. Rahal seems very humble. What I like is that he is not ‘in your face’ like other doctors. In fact, as I was the last patient of the day, he personally dropped me off to Brookline Guesthouse after my surgery!

It’s not all about the marketing glitz that other clinics try to sell you on when you arrive for your consultation. I like the atmosphere of the clinic – the professionalism.”

Picture of Dr. Rahal.

Dr. Rahal is one of today’s leading hair transplant physicians. He’s recommended by the American Hair Loss Association and recognized worldwide for perfecting his Rahal Hairline™.

Meet Dr. Rahal — The Hairline King™

Dr. Rahal serves patients from all points of the globe, with offices in Toronto, Beverly Hills, and New York. He has performed over 13,000+ hair surgeries, pioneering and perfecting technical aspects including the Rahal Mega-Session™ during which he routinely transplants up to 7,000 grafts. He performed the first robotic hair transplant surgery in Canada as featured on the Discovery Channel.

Combining technical expertise & artistic skills

Dr. Rahal has been nicknamed The Hairline King™ by his patients. His Rahal Hairline™ combines his technical expertise and his artistic skills, resulting in youthful, natural hairlines with maximum fullness, density, and aesthetically-pleasing “temple angle closure” and “temple point restoration” — an artistic approach to hairline design.

If you are suffering with hair loss, no matter what age you are, now is the time to take a stand and change your life for good. Don’t put it off. Call 1-877-551-2171 for professional advice about available treatments, and schedule your FREE hair consultation today.

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