A second chance

A second chance

hoping to make it up. But this about a different type of second chance. For me it’s not something that I did wrong, or something that I’m at my fault of. Well, I can put a little blame on mother nature and genetics I guess, frankly there are different reasons or factors that dictate once hair loss. You can find all about hair loss here:http://www.rahalhairtransplant.com/about-hair-loss/

If we offend someone or fail at a task, we often ask for a second chance to correct the initial fail on our part. Sadly, we can’t ask the same of our own head when it comes to loosing hair.
Trust me, I think I even said a prayer or two at one point. I’ll admit, I was rather desperate at times and tried many pills, ointments and things of the sort.

My name is AJ and I got a second chance to have my hair back.
As it turns out, it got more than my hair back, I got some youth back and I even got second looks walking around the city. The only way I was able to get my hair back was with the aid of a very talented group of people at Rahal Hair.

I am here to share my journey, in hopes of providing some insight of the process and help those who are asking for a second chance. Over the next year, I will be making posts, and uploading pictures of my hair transplant along with commentary of my experience. For those of you who are at the research stage, I hope you find some of my posts helpful.

To begin, here are some before pictures and a couple more of 2 weeks post my transplant.
On my next post, I’ll be talking about the procedure itself.

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