CUT, 4, 3, 2, 1…

CUT, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Well, it’s been almost 4 months and everything seems to be going as planned. What I mean is, everything is going according to what is to be expected.I’m very excited to get to the 6 month mark, for at this point there will be significant difference from my before picture.

As I mentioned before, I work outside and therefore I wear hat daily to protect my head from the sun. Underneath that hat, by hair has been growing in nicely, but it’s certainly time for a haircut.

I recently went to a family dinner without wearing my hat and everyone complimented on my hair. However, I had a hard time styling it, only because it had no shape. At this point, it was the same length all around, just over an inch or so. I used a wax product to flatten the sides to try to create the shape my normal haircut.

I visited my hairstylist who also happens to be a friend, and she’s been very supportive of the whole experience. She knows my hair more than anyone, so I always ask her for a progress report “How is it looking, do you notice a change from last time”. On this visit however, she was to do more than the regular hair-report, she was going to actually, finally cut it.

I typically wear my hair fairly short, and for you guys out there that get it cut short, you’ll know what I mean when I say I get No 2 on back and sides and No 0.5 at the neckline and sideburns. For those who don’t know what this means, No2 is the size/name of a clipper attachment. The number represents how short your hair will be, 0 being almost to your skin, like stubble and 6 being one of the largest attachments which doesn’t take too much hair off, if your hair is medium short. Most men who wear their hair short usually ask for No 2 or No 3 for the back and sides.

I was a little nervous about getting my haircut, because even though my scar at the back is healing very well, I was afraid that cutting my hair would expose it too much. My friend/stylist assured me that it wouldn’t, but the only way to do this for now, was to leave it a little longer. She informed me we would go up a size with the attachments.

I asked as many questions as possible to be able to explain this to you, especially those who never wear their hair short. If you are at the stages where you are getting your haircut and you are unsure about how short to go, this is how my haircut went.

My hair was lightly fluffed by using a blowdryer at the lowest heat setting, just to get my hair to stick out everywhere as much as possible. The clipper came out next, and she began cutting my hair using a No 4 attachment.

In an upward motion, she started at the back, from my neckline, heading up towards the crown area, stopping 2 inches below it. She repeated this movement as she went to the sides of my head. She stopped to show me and I could already see the difference. At this point she gave me some advice, always go with a bigger attachment, “you can always go shorter, but you can’t put hair back”.

Using a mirror she showed me the back and it look great, but I felt we could go a little shorter. repeated the same procedure, but this time using a No 3. She showed me the back once again and it was perfect, just a little longer than I usually wear it, but it concealed the scar! I had a huge smile on my face, it already looked so good.

Next, a No 2 attachment was used to create a fading effect. She only used it at the very bottom of my neckline and sideburns. Once again the mirror came out, and again we decided to go a little shorter, No 1 was the winner for this effect.

The rest was easy and stress free, it was time to blend the top section of my hair with the sides.

I know all this seems like an unnecessary process. I really appreciated her taking a careful approach and it certainly paid off.

My advice, which is the same she gave me is: Start cutting only a bit, and check to see how everything is looking.

If you want to go shorter, do it one step at at time.

Here is a picture of me after my haircut, without any product.






  1. Thanks for the detailed update! Hair is looking great! Sounds like you have found yourself a great stylist, who really took the time to emphasize your transplant with a great hair cut.

    I look forward to the 6 month update as well 🙂

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