hair GAIN – weight LOSS

hair GAIN – weight LOSS

My journey started almost 7 months ago when I decided to have this hair restoration procedure.

It’s truly incredible how as the months go by my hair just gets better and better.

I knew the 6 month mark would show some significant change, but I had no idea I would be so happy with the results.

This inspired me so much because of how good I started to feel. Suddenly, I began paying attention to my looks once again, because I feel better about myself.

I began to get compliments on how I looked, especially my hair and how it changed my appearance. I decided that it was time to work on that; my appearance.

About a month or so ago I began to resume my exercise routine and began to watch my diet.

The holidays are around the corner and I am really looking forward to seeing everyone and not being shy of getting my picture taken with the family or afraid that someone my tag me on Facebook.

Here is a picture of my hair! Doesn’t it look amazing.


  1. It really looks great!! and congratulations on the weight loss too. Its always great to hear what a positive change a hair restoration procedure can have in someones life in a lot of different ways.

    Thanks for the update!

  2. Hair is looking great! A lot of guys seem to combine their hair restoration with positive lifestyle changes for that complete personal makeover. I’m pleased you happy with the change so far.

  3. Really looks terrific buddy! Congratulations on the new look and the new YOU! Going to be really exciting to see if it changes/matures even more for you over the upcoming months….I’ll definitely be following your progress. You should be thrilled with the change!!



  4. It looks fantastic! We love to hear stories like yours, it’s inspiring!

  5. I love to hear the positive stories from patients such as yourself. Lifestyle changes are always a good thing and your hair is looking fantastic too. You have a certain glow to you now that is for sure!

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