We are almost at the end of January and folks have been back at work for a while now, but just finally getting back into the groove of things. The holidays always seem to slow us down and it takes a few weeks to “get back to normal”.

Most of us have forgotten about the holiday season, and our focus turned towards the next set, Valentine’s day and March break, which is just around the corner from that.

For me, however, I am still thinking about Christmas and New Year. Simply because for the past few years, I developed a dislike for family functions and friend gatherings.
You see, everyone has their cameras out. Everyone is ready to snap a hundred pictures that will be posted on all sorts or social media for thew world to see;literally.
Even the latest cellphones have powerful cameras with flashes just as powerful.

Why is this upsetting to me?

Those of you reading this, who have thinning hair, know that overhead-lighting, camera flashes or even a very sunny day, all have the same effect.
It’s almost the same as someone pointing out “look he’s hair is thinning” for all these sources of light shine through thin hair, bouncing off our scalps making thinning hair very visible and evident.

Needless to say, for several years now, I wore hats to these events, was rather grumpy at times or would try anything not to be in the pictures. And for the occasions when I couldn’t or didn’t wear a hat, I became very anxious about pictures being taken of me.

It sounds a little ridiculous doesn’t it? For me to go to this extent.
I’m sure friends and family alike didn’t care, and just wanted me in the photographs; to build memories for the family. But, until these lovely folks find themselves in the same situation, it’s very hard for them to understand how upsetting it can be.

The Good News – The gift that keeps on giving.

This christmas, I decided not to wear a hat even though I was still trapped in that old mind-set, even after my very successful hair transplant. But, I was very happy with they way my hair looked. I was so used to not wanting to get my picture taken, that it was a little difficult, yet at the same time i was more relaxed about the idea.

After taking a look at few pictures (even though I was terribly hesitant to) I realized, that my hair looked great! It looked good when I saw myself in the mirror when I got to my family’s house and it also looked good in pictures!

I didn’t have to open any presents to realize that I had the best present growing out of my own head.

I made a lot realizations that evening. The more important one is that, more men and women need to become more aware about hair transplants and avoid instances like this all together. And, for those who have had procedure, to share their experiences to help others understand the positive impact a hair transplant has on many aspects of their life.
Looking back, I feel like I denied myself and my family of joy during the holiday season, and other events because of how i felt about my thinning hair.

Knowing what I know now, I would have done this procedure many many years ago and could have taken part in family pictures, video and so forth for all those many years also.


  1. Thanks very much for your post. I agree with you that it is important to get the word out: there are solutions to hair loss!!!

    Everyone should have the confidence to be them true selves and enjoy each and every moment with family and friends.

    I’m so happy to hear that you are enjoying your hair, and the reborn self-appreciation that has followed 🙂

  2. Thank you for your post. It’s so great that you don’t feel the need to hide behind a hat anymore. Don’t dwell on the past, think about your happy confident future!

  3. Exactly Jessica. I had such a great experience this Christmas, that I’m not looking back at the past, but looking forward to all sorts for family functions and events in general; sporting great hair

  4. Michelle Fraser says

    You’re putting me right back in the holiday spirit!
    So glad to hear about the positive affect that this whole experience has had on your life, and how much of an impact the outer transformation has been to your inner self. What better Christmas present indeed!

  5. It’s great that your new hair helped you celebrate Christmas and the New Year without that dread in the back of your mind. Cameras, mirrors, bright lights and sunshine: they’re nothing to fear anymore!

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