Making the right decision and telling.

Making the right decision and telling.

Deciding to get my hair transplant was a hard decision. I am sure most guys out there have the same conflicting thoughts. But I can certainly share with everyone reading this, that it was one of smartest decisions i’ve ever made.  You see, there are a lot things that crosses one’s mind when making such decision. For me, I first thought of what my family & friends would think about it; do I tell them all and how do I do it, or do I just let them find out. What will they think of me, what if it doesn’t look natural. And my worst fear, am I going to be the guy that people point fingers at and then whisper “that guy has plugs”. Then I thought, about work and all the other people in my life. I have to be honest, I feared all of it.

I certainly gave all of this plenty of thought and it drove me to do lots of research, focusing mostly on reading patient reviews. I found men were open about sharing info, but being men, the creatures we are, the info was very limited and some what technical. This gave me the courage to do the opposite, to share my journey, but share how it has affected me personally, at work and so forth.

I decided to be as open and honest as I could in hopes that it would offer some relief for those out there that may have the same questions and concerns I had. The most important thing to remember is that after the fact, once you go through the procedure and you experience the effects your new hair will have on you and those around you, that all your concerns seem rather silly. At the same time, all those concerns and reservations are completely valid, it wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t have them.

So here, it goes.

STEP No1 – I told my better half

One night after work, we sat on the couch and I said “There’s something that’s been bothering me for a while a now, about myself, that has affected me more that I realized, and I decided to do something about it”  I had my laptop near by and I proceeded to explain what I wanted done. Because I had read so much about it, I was very comfortable talking about it. I then went to the RAHAL website to show some of the before & after pictures, reviews and comments that aided me in deciding which doctor to see.

STEP No2 – The consult

After my research (which made me feel prepared) i decided to finally make an appointment for a consultation. Depending on how that went, I would then work out a plan of action to tell those around me about my decision to have a hair transplant.  I left my consultation feeling confident after talking to Dr. Rahal, hearing details about the procedure, seeing other before and after pictures and seeing the facility; i walked out feeling very at ease. I booked the date for my transplant and started the ball rolling on this. When i got back in my car, I was overwhelmed with excitement, no more nerves, I was now only hoping that time would fly by so I could get my new hair.

STEP No3 – Drop the bomb!

The excitement catapulted me to tell the world about my decision, as i mentioned in my previous posting, I felt like i was given a second chance. Soon, the days of feeling self conscious would be gone.

My family was having BBQ that weekend, so when I was asked by family members “What’s new with you?” It just came out of my mouth.

I simply said “I’ve been giving something a lot of thought and I finally decided to do something about it” and paused. Everyone had a concerned looked in their face and suddenly very attentive.  I said “ Ok everybody I’m going to turn back the clock, no no, i’m not getting a facelift, which made everyone laugh, AND no no, i didn’t break up and now dating someone 15 years younger. I made everyone laugh again.  I waited another second or two and said “I’m getting my hair back, i’m getting a hair restoration surgery”.

The room was filled with smiles and someone said “you scared us”, another person said “That’s great”. Randomly through the BBQ i was asked questions, everyone was intrigued about it. Because I had done plenty of reading/research, I was able to educate my family on the advances of hair transplant procedures and shared some of the info I learnt from my consultation; recovery time, time off and return to work.

Next up, friends! 

Because of the good reception at the BBQ I wanted to do things a little different when it came to my friends.  Being the good friends that I have, I knew I would have nothing but support on that front.  I wear hats frequently and since i could wear a hat soon after the surgery, I decided to surprise my friends; A reveal of sorts. I thought the best way would be to one day, randomly, in one of our casual gatherings, I would take off my hat and see if anyone would notice.

Two months after my surgery, after I had my hair trimmed short to match the transplant area, it was time and i did it. We were all at the cottage one weekend and while making dinner I took off my hat because it was very hot.  I didn’t even think about it. About 45mins went by and finally a friend said. “ I really like your hair cut, I like it short like that” another person noticed and said “yes me too” and suddenly everyone was looking me saying how they really like my new hair cut and that it looked great short. I normally wear my hair about 3inches in length on top and number 3 (attachment on a clipper) for the sides.

I had forgotten I was going to tell everyone about it, so I said “oh yeah, this reminds me everyone, my hair is this short because I trimmed it to match the length of my new hair ! ” I added, I got a hair transplant two months ago, this is what i looks like so far, what do you guys think?  Nobody could believe it, they were in awe, they just couldn’t believe it, it looked so natural, just more of it, but they were distracted by the shortness of it. Someone asked to touch it, they thought the hair from another person(which goes to show how little people know about this). So i made a joke and made them laugh, “it’s my own hair, you fools”. And just like that my entire group of friends and family welcomed the new me.

Everyone will have a different experience/response, i use humour when i’m nervous. But I can tell you one thing for sure, everyone will be amazed at the great natural results. More importantly, the positive effect it has on you and let me tell you it’s contagious.

Attached is the picture of two month post surgery. The day before heading to the cottage.





  1. Hi hairagain, you left out how your better half took the news when you broke it to her!

    Thanks for the detailed writeup. It’s good that you can speak openly with friends and family and joke about it.

    • well the initial reaction was a bit of a surprise/shock, but not in a bad way. I guess I had never really voiced my concerns to anyone about my hair. I mean no one, i kept it all to myself. And because I seemed comfortable to everyone it was never an issue, there were never comments made. Nobody really thought I had an issue or something that was really upsetting me.
      But the fact that I was now talking about it, and wanting to do something about it made it clear that I had concerns strong enough to want to do something about it.

      The reaction was simply “wow, I really had no idea how you felt about this” followed by ” I think you look great and always have, but obviously this is something that is bothering you and important to you, so please do it”

      After that, as I mentioned in my post, it was just about knowing more about the procedure, how it would look, what was involved and so forth.

      What I would like to emphasize here is, that no matter who your better half is or maybe it’s a parent or doesn’t matter who you are confounding in your decision. If it’s someone who is close to you and cares for you, they will be supportive for I feel they’d want the same reception from you.

      I was nervous and rather hesitant to tell anyone, but I’ve had nothing but support from everyone around me. Even those who I thought might of had “something to say” were all happily surprised for lack of better words and I just got a lot of kudos.

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