Tumbleweed hair – Back by popular demand

Tumbleweed hair – Back by popular demand

When I was 15 there was a very popular hairstyle for guys, the mushroom cut.

And of course I had to take part in this trend. Unfortunately for me, because of my curly hair my mushroom cut came out looking more like a broccoli cut.

The funny thing about my curls is that until I hit puberty, my hair was so fine and so straight. So much so that at times my mother would have to clip it up to prevent it from flopping down on my face.

Throughout my teenage years, I tried to keep it short because everyone wanted to touch it and play with it. Looking back, I can see why it would be fun for my siblings and friends alike to want to tug it or mess it up. Why knot? My head was host to a bunch of springs or slinky looking things made out of hair.

In my later years of high school and heading into college I kept it short so it would look “more professional” according to my parents. My hair stayed this way for many years and as I got into my 30’s as you already know, my hair began to thin. I haven’t seen those wild curls, that tumbleweed head of hair in over 20 years!

It was time for a come back! And no… this not a mid life crisis moment. I wanted to see what my hair would look like if I let it go for a few months. My procedure not only improved my hairline, but clearly having more hair up in the front made that whole area of hair thicker.

As winter was ending I decided to grow my hair a little longer and before I knew it, we were in mid spring and my hair began to take a life of it’s own. I debated cutting it a few times, but my sister and my colleagues were already enjoying the waves that were forming.

One day after a hard day of work, as I was driving home, I subconsciously kept on rubbing my head – thinking about work related issues.

When I got off the highway, the car in front stopped abruptly. I had to do the same, but I looked at my rearview mirror first to see how close the car behind me was.

As my eyes shifted to look in the mirror, I noticed my hair; it blocked the view.

Quickly, I just blinked and looked up a little higher to see the car behind me.

When I got to the lights at the end of the off ramp, I took a closer look at what I quickly saw the first time. My Hair!!!! I had a tumbleweed on my head. I thought to myself, all this time I drove around like this. I looked like medusa.

I couldn’t believe how big it had gotten, how fluffy and coarse it looked.

It was wild looking and it took me back to when I was 15 years of age.

So I quickly took out my phone and took a picture and It was at that moment that I decided I had to make a blog entry about it.

I knew I had to find a picture of me with my broccoli haircut (from back in the day)and have it side by side with my new tumbleweed hair.

It’s been a couple of months since this picture and my hair is great! I’ve embraced the tumbleweed hair. It doesn’t look crazy like the picture below, because it’s styled.

It’s a little longer and now i’m sporting big curls. I get comments about my hair daily.

Everyone still want to touch it and play with it.

It has brought so many memories and I’m so happy with it. It makes me even more thankful and appreciative of my transplant.

I never thought I could have hair like this again.




  1. Thank you for this post Hairagain! It made me laugh and made my day 🙂 Your hair looks fantastic!

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