Walking The (fine hair) Line

Walking The (fine hair) Line

In the past few posts, I talked about my decision about getting a hair transplant and telling others about it, I now want to share with you a little about the actual procedure.

My surgery date was about 6 weeks after my consultation and I was counting down the days. I arrived at the Dr. Rahal’s facility early in the morning, I was asked to wear comfortable clothing including a loose button-up shirt. Upon my arrival I was greeted by a young lady at the front desk (with a great smile that set me at ease) who asked me to have a seat for a moment and fill out a couple of forms. The forms were your average questionnaires about medications, allergies, emergency contact information and so forth.

I was happily surprised with the next form, which was asking me for my food preferences, for my lunch! And on that note, another friendly face came to greet me. Dr. Rahal came out to say good morning, shook my hand, and guided me to the his office. There we reviewed the areas of concerned and using a blue marker, Dr. Rahal drew out a pattern where the my future hair would go.

I was introduced to another gentlemen who took my before pictures, and explained the process to me. I was given a bottle of water and a little cup with a couple of pills to relax me prior to entering the surgery room.

I was then provided a hospital like smock to change into, and my personal belongings were placed in a secure storage compartment. I walked down the hall to the surgery room and I met the team (two gentlemen that assisted Dr. Rahal and couple more lady technicians-all very friendly) that would be taking care of me that day. The room was very spacious, clean, modern and equipped with everything you would expect from a facility of this caliber.

I sat down and everyone began to prep. This included draping me around the neck with a blue rectangle bib or sorts and I was given a blanket. I then was offered some juice and given a menu-like list of movies to choose from to watch during the procedure. Let me just say, I felt so comfortable and at ease, this was a great feeling and I was ready.

The team began to clean and prep the donor area in the back of my head, and

the front area was trimmed down with clippers and then shaved.

Dr. Rahal, proceeded to tell me he was going to start the freezing at the back of my head (donor area). He asked one of his assistants to bring a vibrating instrument, which I couldn’t see, so I had to ask what this was. I was informed that this vibrating instrument is used on the head to distract the brain from noticing the freezing injections, and it worked. I was so fascinated by this, the vibrations against my head, from my understanding confuses the brain or made my brain focus on the vibrations and I barely felt the freezing; this was really cool.

Soon after that the magic began. The removal of the donor area started and I didn’t feel a thing, really. I noticed that a silver tray was passed to the technicians and they started separating the pieces and preparing the grafts. As this was happening, the donor area in the back was being closed with stitches. (I found out at my 3rd month follow up that a method that allows the hair to grow through the scar for optimal results. My scar is barely noticeable and it has only been 3 months!)

At this point Dr. Rahal moved beside me and to the front and began to make micro incisions (this is where the artistry takes place) in the front area, hairline, etc where the marked sections were drawn. This is the most important part, this is the redesigning of my hairline and what determines how everything will look like. This part was also very comfortable as a patient, I didn’t feel any discomfort, I was very relaxed, I was talking a bit, asking only a few questions for I was fascinated with this whole process.

I took a short bathroom break, I felt like like royalty, everyone stopped, asked me to get up slowly even though I was feeling perfectly fine. I was just so impressed with the attention they paid me. They placed a blue paper hat on my head and one of the assistants walked me to the bathroom and waited for me outside the door.

Back in the operating room, after getting back on this lounge-like chair, I was informed lunch would be coming soon. The technicians started to pass little trays with grafts and the other technicians began to carefully “plant” them for lack of better words into the miniscule incisions on my head. It was at this point that I couldn’t help but have a BIG smile on my face. I knew this was the beginning of my second chance at having my hair again.

Time flew by as I watched a movie, had my lunch, cracked a couple jokes. Before I knew it, several hours had passed. I was told that they had contacted my ride home and that within 30 mins I would be going home. If you are from out of town, a taxi is arranged, otherwise you are asked to have someone pick you up.

It was now time to get home, but just before my pick up, I had a conversation with Dr. Rahal about the medications I was to take, how I was to sleep and take care of my head until I was due back for a follow up. I was given what looked like a soft laptop pouch in blue, that contained medications, baby shampoo, Vitamin E oil, blue paper hats and a few other items that were all explained to me thoroughly during my follow up the next morning, as well as, a full explanation of my how I was to take care of myself and of course my new hair!

Here are some pictures of my 3 month progress. All is going well and according to schedule. Results works like a rule of 3rds, expect to see noticeable changes at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.

So stay tuned for more posts from me as I go through this whole year and share my results with you.


  1. Thanks for the detailed write-up! I’m sure this will be helpful for future patients. I’m glad we could help to make this a positive experience for you.
    Looking forward to your next update 🙂

    • Thank you so much. I hope it does help others who are looking into getting this done. For me, it was a great experience and I’m happy to share it.
      I used to work at an establishment that really focused on improving from customer feedback, so we used to print all the reviews, digest the information and make improvements to better our service. I attended a seminar last year, were the speaker said, most people will probably write comments and feedback on Yelp or any site that offers this service, only if they had a bad experience. He added that the % of people that have great experiences is very high, but normally don’t take the time to share their great experience and don’t realize the impact their reviews can make.
      Since then, I’ve become really aware of good service and If I have the chance to talk about it, i do.


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