My Great Hair Transplant Experience

My Great Hair Transplant Experience

In July of 2011, I received my first hair transplant surgery with Dr.Rahal.  During this first procedure, Dr. Rahal transplanted 5604 grafts to the front and mid scalp of my head.  The surgery went very well and the entire team from start to finish was nothing less than extraordinary.  The post-op care was also very professional and Dr. Rahal always took the time to answer all my questions.  The results 11months after are nothing less than amazing and by far exceeded my expectations.  I believe that the before and after pictures speak for themselves.  I am currently two weeks post from my second surgery with Dr. Rahal.  During this procedure, which took place on May 29th 2012, Dr. Rahal addressed solely my crown area.  In all, he transplanted 2953 grafts during this time.  I will post pictures of this second procedure as things progress.  Needless to say I was as impressed with my second visit as I was with the first.


  1. Hey! Blog looks great so far! Can’t wait until a year from now when the final transformation is complete. Keep us posted!

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