My Hair Loss Story

My Hair Loss Story

Hi, at 20 years I started noticing that my hair was thinning out, it only took a couple of years for it to  get out of hand. I realized that it was affecting my looks but most importantly my confidence. As time passed and shedding hairs were being rinced down the drain, I came to terms with reality that the clock only turns in one direction and the longer I wait, the worse my hair will become.

I finaly decided to do some research on the web to find a solution, unfortubetly alot of what I found were dead ends. The only real way to go is to get a hair transplant. I did more research on what a hair transplant is all about and the types of surgerys offered. After looking through many websites and long lists of HT Surgents, I finally found Dr.Rahal. I read up on him and watched some videos on him talking about procedures and decided that I wanted to go in for a consult.

After I met with him I knew right away that there is no two ways about it; it was time to get a HT done. Dr.Rahal was very nice and took his time to answer all my questions, I could tell he is true artist and passionate about his work, so I decided to book a date for a suregry, all the proper documents and everything else i needed was given to me in order to make sure I came in prepared. The day of the surgery Dr.Rahal and his wonderful staff attended to all my needs, they made sure that I was comfortable and felt no discomfort. The hours went by quiclkly as we spoke and shared some laughs, I was even given a list of movies to choose from so I can watch as they transplanted the hair. After the surgery was done, I was given evertyhing that I need in order to care for my hair at home. I am more than satisfied with my new hair and more than greatful to have found a great surgeon like Dr.Rahal.

I hope that anyone reading this post will make the right choice like I did and call for a consulation, it will bring you back to life.

Here are my before pics. I received 1831 grafts with Dr. Rahal. The procedure was FUE.

Graft count…

  • 1 hair grafts: 537
  • 2 hair grafts: 872
  • 3 hair grafts: 373
  • 4 hair grafts: 49




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