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Did Harsha Bhogle Have a Hair Transplant?

Harsha Bhogle before & after his hair transplant

Harsha Bhogle: Seen here with a noticeably receding hairline (left) and after his hair transplant (right) at the 2009 Mumbai Marathon.

It would seem that getting a hair transplant isn’t just for Bollywood elites. Harsha Bhogle, India’s favorite TV cricket commentator, appears to have also jumped on the hair transplant bandwagon.

The trend appears to have been started by cricketer, Virender Sehwag, followed by Arun Lai, Roger Binny and fellow commentator Ravi Shastri just to name a few. Many cricketers need to look their best to honor their endorsement contracts to promote popular consumer products.

Bhogle, who also hosts BBC’s Travel India featured on TLC and the Discovery Channel, was seen at the Mumbai Marathon with more hair than previous appearances according to the Mumbai Mirror.

We can easily see why famous actors like Salman Khan or Matthew McConaughey would get hair transplant procedures, as their egos and careers depend on having a full head of hair. But an author and sports commentator? Not exactly professions that require someone to be photogenic or even the need to wear clothes for that matter. But like any other self-respecting male, Bhogle’s concern for his hair and overall appearance is healthy and a good thing.

According to clinical psychiatrist, Ashit Shet, maintaining a full head of hair goes back to the story of Samson, the biblical hero’s long locks were the source of his power and strength. Consequently the loss of hair equates to the loss of one’s masculinity and virility.

But technically, hair loss is purely a matter of health and lifestyle. As a result of his job as a sports commentator, Bhogle travels extensively and constantly alternating between hard and soft water, eating fast food and quick meals on the go can all contribute to hair loss.

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