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How often should I brush my hair?

Hair care advice can be contradictory, even when dispensed by those who work with hair for a living. They can’t all be right, so who do you listen to?

This Q&A at shows an example of that. An anonymous stylist says that hair should be brushed hard every day so that your scalp oils can be distributed along the hair shaft.

Good advice?  Not according to Philip Kingsley, a trichologist who was asked for his expertise.

His advice:

  • Brushing too hard can scratch the scalp and possibly break or pull out hair, so brush gently and minimally.
  • Oily hair is not a good thing. Conditioners or moisturizing products will tackle dry hair.
  • A brush with plastic, ball-tipped bristles and a vented rubber base is recommended. These are less likely to break hair.

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Jessica Marini is a Patient Care Coordinator at Rahal. She is always looking out for the latest industry news to help better educate patients. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and her two rescue dogs Benji and Lily.

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