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How to prevent hair loss with two medications

Matt McMillen of WebMD writes that half of all men by the age of thirty will start to lose their hair. As the hairline recedes, more of the scalp is revealed. Genetics plays a major role in determining if you’re among the fifty percent who experience hair loss.

The genetic predisposition for hair loss can be postponed by either using the foam or lotion, minoxidil (better known as Rogaine) or a pill, finasteride (brand name – Propecia).

According to dermatologist, Dr. Adam Penstein, Minoxidil doesn’t require a prescription and is good choice for men who don’t wish to take a pill. They only have to apply it twice daily. In rare instances, men with sensitive scalps can develop itchiness, flaking, and redness.

Minoxidil stimulates hair growth by enlarging hair follicles. Almost 70% of men claim hair growth by using it but results can take up to four months.

Male pattern baldness is mainly caused by the hormone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which shrinks sensitive hair follicles until they no longer grow hair.

The second option, finasteride, blocks the enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT, slowing hair loss for up to 90% of men. Most guys who take finasteride actually end up growing more hair.

For optimal results, minoxidil and finasteride can be used together but these treatments only delay the inevitable and isn’t a cure for hair loss. If treatment stops, hair loss will resume and sometimes even quicker than before.

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