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How to Tip a Barber and Stylist

When you’ve had an amazing dining experience and your server brings the bill, it’s customary (at least in North America) to leave a gratuity. Dave Alexander from Guide has written a helpful article on properly tip your barber or hair stylist.

These days especially, many professions rely on tips to supplement their income and will go the extra mile in order to earn that reward.  Getting a haircut is no different.

Like any waiter, cab driver or countless other job that accept tips, barbers and hairstylists will step the service up if the customer is a good tipper. But what is a good tip? Most people believe it’s 10-15 percent and they are right but like many things in life – it’s all based on the experience. Here are some criteria for giving a generous tip:

  • If the barber or stylist listens carefully.
  • Is focused on you and not texting or chatting away on their mobile phone.
  • Takes the needed time to give a great cut. Not rushed.
  • Is engaging, entertaining and offers sincere suggestions for styling your hair better.
  • Keeps an immaculate and uncluttered work area.

As the old saying goes – money talks. It’s one thing to say ‘great job’ and another to leave a well-deserved tip in recognition of a job well done, that is the best possible compliment.

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