“I HAVE MY LIFE BACK” — A Hair Loss Sufferer Shares His Story

“I HAVE MY LIFE BACK” — His receding hairline caused him to withdraw from everything he enjoyed. Then he found a solution.

A year after hair transplant surgery by Dr. Rahal, Michael has regained his self confidence. He’s showing up for his life again — playing sports, socializing, exercising, and losing weight.

A year after hair transplant surgery by Dr. Rahal, Michael has regained his self confidence. He’s showing up for his life again — playing sports, socializing, exercising, and losing weight.

Michael (not his real name) is a 30-year old professional living in Montreal. He loves sports, loves socializing, but found himself withdrawing from life because of insecurity about his receding hairline. Despite reassurance and support from his wife, he felt his world getting smaller and smaller.

Just a year after hair transplant surgery by Dr. Rahal, Michael has regained his self confidence. He’s showing up for his life again — playing sports, socializing, exercising, and losing weight.

“I’m 30 years old and started noticing hair loss in my 20’s. When I was 24 or 25, I realized my hairline was receding and I didn’t have the same volume of hair as when I was younger. When I parted my hair it was difficult to cover up the hair loss.  I felt as if it was the end of the world. It meant I was getting older, that there was no turning back. It was depressing.

Knowing I had hair loss made me feel horrible. When talking to someone, I always felt like their eyes were on my hairline. I’d feel so insecure that sometimes I wouldn’t go outside. Or it would be raining and I wouldn’t want to leave the house because, if my hair got wet, the hair loss would be obvious. On personal and social levels, it was very limiting. It hurt my ego, made me insecure. I felt handicapped. I wasn’t living at my fullest. Socially, I couldn’t participate in things I enjoyed.

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Making excuses

I’d always loved playing sports — hockey, golf, swimming, whatever. And I loved socializing. If I wasn’t working, I liked to be around people. But my hair was thinning at the front and it was getting very difficult to style my hair to hide it. I ended up not wanting to play hockey because I’d have to style my hair all over again. Or going swimming, I wouldn’t put my head in the water. I’d tell people the chlorine bothered my eyes. I knew that once I wet my hair, my thin, receding hairline would be very obvious. I became restricted in what I was able to do. I wasn’t happy. I felt like a fraction of the person I really was.

I was spending so much emotional energy trying to hide my hair loss, I knew I couldn’t go on like this. I decided to shave my head to see where my hair loss was at. I remember being in the shower and totally breaking down. That was my bottom — the explosion of all my emotions and insecurities. That’s when I decided I had to do something.

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Watch a video of Michael’s results and listen to his testimonial.

“Others told me I’d just have to live with it”

I researched and got educated online about hair transplant surgery. A lot of sites show extreme hair loss cases I couldn’t relate to. I went to different hair transplant clinics and got bad news. They told me I had to be almost completely bald to even consider hair transplant surgery.

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That made me even more depressed. I’d just have to live with it. They said you have to have a significant problem before they could do anything. They told me that my receding hairline wasn’t bad enough to have hair transplant surgery. But my hair loss was bad enough for me!

Then I found Dr. Rahal’s website. In the testimonials and before & after photos I saw cases that looked similar to my problem. I googled Dr. Rahal and visited a lot of forums and chat rooms and saw he gets very good reviews from past patients.

A preemptive strike on hair loss

I booked an appointment with Dr. Rahal. I told him I wanted to make a ‘preemptive strike’ on my hair loss. I wanted to regain the look of my youth. He understood me right away. He told me I wasn’t crazy, and that it was possible to get what I wanted. After meeting with Dr. Rahal, I asked myself, ‘Why waste more of my life? I’m just going to do it and that’s it.’

Want a youthful hairline again?

The hair transplant operation was not painful. The only thing I felt was the shot to numb my scalp. Nothing more than that — no discomfort. I’ve had smaller operations and procedures where, believe me, I remember the discomfort as though it was yesterday. I don’t even remember Dr. Rahal’s operation.

Dr. Rahal’s nickname is ‘The Hairline King™’ That’s exactly what I was going for – a youthful hairline. He’s at the top of his game; the guy to go to. My hair is very natural looking now. It’s perfect for a person my age. He knew what he was doing. The proof is in my hairline.

Insecurities? Gone. Confidence? Strong.

A year later, there’s no comparison to what my hair was like before. Today I have considerably more hair. You can’t rewind the clock, but this is as close as you can get. The problems I had because of thinning hair — ego, confidence, withdrawing from sports and social activities – these things are not problems any more. I don’t stop myself from doing anything because of hair loss. Before the surgery, I’d go swimming but wouldn’t get my hair wet. Fast-forward a year — I went on vacation and didn’t hold myself back. I jumped headfirst into the water. It changed things on a big scale. Now I can do whatever I want to do.

The problems I had because of thinning hair – withdrawing from sports and social activities – these things are not problems any more.

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Was it worth the money? Yes. I’m an average person making average money but, believe me, the things worth spending money on are those that bring you joy — that’s really what money’s for. That’s why I don’t regret it.

Surgery was his secret – and still is

I told only my wife and parents I was doing this. I just didn’t want anybody to know. Dr. Rahal’s process allowed me to keep it a secret. Before surgery, my wife would say, ‘You look great,’ but no matter what she said, I still felt the way I felt. Today she says, ‘Wow, what a huge difference! You look the same as when I met you.’ Today, friends notice something different about me. They think I look younger but they can’t tell I had hair transplants.

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If others are thinking about hair transplant surgery, make sure you’re going with the right doctor. Do your research and be certain you feel comfortable with that person. Once you’re ready psychologically, just do it. Don’t wait. You won’t regret going forward. But if you wait, you’ll regret waiting.

I’m very happy. I wanted to regain the look of my youth and I have. Dr. Rahal was very clear that transplant surgery would restore my lost hair but it would not stop future loss if there was to be any. But if hair loss continues in the future, I’ll have surgery again without hesitation.

“I feel like a new person”

I want a fuller head of hair!

Regaining a full head of hair gives me new confidence and makes me want to be better in more areas of my life. I’ve started dieting and exercising. I want to be the best I can be. This has been a life change for me and helps me to be the new me I’ve wanted to be. I feel extra motivation, I feel like I could be twenty again, like I can be a new person. What more can I ask for? Tell Dr. Rahal he changed my life!

Meet Dr. Rahal — “The Hairline King™”

Dr. Rahal serves patients from all points on the globe from his offices in Toronto, Beverly Hills, and New York. He has performed over 13,000+ hair surgeries, pioneering and perfecting technical aspects including the Rahal Megasession™ during which he routinely transplants up to 7,000 grafts. He performed the first robotic hair transplant surgery in Canada as featured on the Discovery Channel.

Combining technical expertise & artistic skills

Dr. Rahal has been nicknamed the “The Hairline King™” by his patients. His Rahal Hairline™ combines his technical expertise and his artistic skills, resulting in youthful, natural hairlines with maximum fullness, density, and aesthetically-pleasing “temple angle closure” — an artistic approach to hairline design.

Picture of Dr. Rahal, "The Hairline King", drawing a hairline on a patient.

Dr. Rahal is one of today’s leading hair transplant physicians. He’s recommended by the American Hair Loss Association and recognized worldwide for producing his Rahal Hairline™.

If you are worried about your hair loss and need professional advice call 1-877-551-2171 NOW and schedule your FREE hair consultation.

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