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Is it hair loss? Take the 60-second hair count test

It’s widely thought that we lose around 100 hairs per day, but clinical studies haven’t actually verified this. If you believe you might be losing more hair than normal, this test provides an easy way to compare your rate of shedding to an average rate in men who aren’t suffering from hair loss.

The 60-second Hair Count Study

The study aimed to discover a normal range of shedding, during a 60-second hair combing test, in men not experiencing any form of alopecia.

Participants in the study were aged 20 to 60, and all were a stage I on the Norwood classification scale.

Main Findings

  • Subjects aged 20-40 shed an average of 10.2 hairs (with a range of 0-78)
  • Subjects aged 41-60 shed an average of 10.3 hairs (with a range of 0-43)

How to Perform the Test

  • You will need a comb and something to catch the hair (a sheet or pillow).
  • Before shampooing, comb your hair (going from back to front) for a period of 60 seconds, making sure to catch any falling hairs on the sheet.
  • Count every hair that you find, including any on the comb and keep a record.
  • Repeat the process on three consecutive days, always before washing your hair. Determine your own average hair count.

This is a good method of discovering your own rate of shedding for comparison to the averages established by the study.

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