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My Hair Loss Story

Enter your great experience here in Rahal.

14 Days Post Op

Well I made it through the worst, never thought this day would come!

day 14 front

The last week was all about dealing with itchiness and scabs.

Spraying my head with cold water was my savior as it ceased some of the itchiness temporarily.

day 14 right side

The back of my head is still a bit tender, but it has come a long way over the 14 left side

Being able to wear a loose hat and go in public has felt amazing, giving me new appreciation for the small things in life haha!

Today I am starting my minoxidil treatment, which should accelerate my hair growth over next three months. day 14 back

Some of the scabs have dried up and starting falling out, taking hair follicles with them, sadly.

But there seems to be many of them that are still in place, so I’m hoping to keep them for as long as I can.

Looking forward to the 1 month mark so I can get back to the gym and normal activities!

Chat then!



7 Days Post-Op Update


Here is an update 7 days post-procedure.

The first week was a challenge due to the swelling which lasted up until day 5. Warning, you may scare yourself looking in the mirror haha.

The post-op instructions are easy to follow, the only challenge has been having to wipe my forehead every 5 minutes after drizzling the vitamin e oil on my recipient area.

The donor area has been more sore and raw than the recipient area, surprisingly. It feels weird to sleep on that area and apply pressure considering it doesn’t seem fully headed yet.


The Polyderm can be messy, I have been wearing my caps, that have been provided in the post-op kit, at night and will probably wear it one more night.

side view

The recipient area continually looks better. It has definitely scabbed over, but I won’t touch the scabs until week two when I take my first shower. I have yet to shed any grafts.

Overall there isn’t any pain, but there is moderate tenderness around the donor area. Lastly, my head gets very itchy from time to time which can be treacherous with not being able to scratch, lol.

Looking forward to the 14 day mark!

See you soon!