7 Days Post-Op Update

7 Days Post-Op Update


Here is an update 7 days post-procedure.

The first week was a challenge due to the swelling which lasted up until day 5. Warning, you may scare yourself looking in the mirror haha.

The post-op instructions are easy to follow, the only challenge has been having to wipe my forehead every 5 minutes after drizzling the vitamin e oil on my recipient area.

The donor area has been more sore and raw than the recipient area, surprisingly. It feels weird to sleep on that area and apply pressure considering it doesn’t seem fully headed yet.


The Polyderm can be messy, I have been wearing my caps, that have been provided in the post-op kit, at night and will probably wear it one more night.

side view

The recipient area continually looks better. It has definitely scabbed over, but I won’t touch the scabs until week two when I take my first shower. I have yet to shed any grafts.

Overall there isn’t any pain, but there is moderate tenderness around the donor area. Lastly, my head gets very itchy from time to time which can be treacherous with not being able to scratch, lol.

Looking forward to the 14 day mark!

See you soon!


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