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Dr Rahal Eyebrow Transplant May 2013

After years of dealing with thin eyebrows and constantly drawing them in daily, I made the decision to have an eyebrow restoration Surgery. After much research for Hair transplant doctors in Canada, Dr Rahal in Ottawa was by far the best rated and the patients the most pleased with his results. I contacted Dr Rahal’s Clinic and his assistant Chad got back to me very quickly, I told him my concerns and expectations and he was able to explain the procedure along with a break down of the cost for me, Dr Rahal does pay a certain percentage of travel costs, but it is applied to the cost of the full procedure, I was very pleased with the quote of $400 deducted in travel costs, With a Remaining balance of $2260 at $4 per graph plus tax and medications, a total of 500 graphs were determined based off of the pictures I sent for my on line consultation with Chad and Dr Rahal, we decided that 500 graphs would be the ideal number for my facial structure. I then gave an $500 deposit to hold my appointment along with forms requested from Rahal to be completed before my surgery. These forms included a patient information form to be filled out and completed by my family doctor, along with an order for blood work including HIV blood test/ platelets/ haemoglobin/ hepatic c and b and INR. Along with these forms I received his post and pre operative instructions and a list of possible medications that may be prescribed to me after my surgery. Dr Rahal also has a guest house for his patients located 3 minutes from his clinic and a stocked refrigerator to help yourself too, the information was sent along with costs of the 6 rooms in the house ranging $70 to $100 with a fee of $10 extra if your bringing a second person, 4 rooms having a shared bathroom And 2 with private bathrooms 2 living rooms wiith a full kitchen. After my blood work was received and The guest house booked, we started our drive to Ottawa. Once we arrived Mom and I were very happy with the neighbourhood along the host of the house, all the guests themselves were great, lol even the cab driver was cool. I had my surgery 7 a.m the next morning arriving at 6:30 to be able to express to Rahal the shape and thickness I desired and he was able to make a realistic and natural shape off of that . I changed into those lovely purple gowns and sat down nervous as hell but ready for the life change. The back of my head was shaved slightly along with local anaesthesia to freeze the area so they could extract a 3″ by 1″ piece of my scalp where they will harvest the hair follicle from, They after stitched the donor area together and the stitches will need to be removed in two weeks by a family doctor. Immediately after the donor tissue was harvested the graphs were taken to his assistants behind me where they carefully separate the follicle from the tissue, mean while my entire brow region is numbed with local anaesthesia and he starts making the tiny incisions needed to place the follicle into, Paying close attention to the direction of growth that the follicle takes place through out the brow. The total procedure takes about 4 hours and I’m feeling relatively well. I was given antibiotics and pain medication to be take daily for the next couple weeks or so. The scabbing will subside in 5 to 7 days and 3 to 5 weeks later the hair will slowing start falling out, leaving only the follicle behind and I will be left with much like I had before the procedure. I will be able to fill in my eyebrows with pencil as I a wait to see my new transplanted hair starting to grow in like my own natural eye brows, This can take about 3 months, full growth by 6 to 12 months .I Have to say that I am very impressed and happy with my choice in Rahal and his full crew of amazing staff. I will keep posting updates as the process continues and I can start to see my new little hairs growing 🙂 I would defiantly recommend Dr Rahal to anyone now considering an eyebrow restoration. So happy I made this decision this was the Best choice I’ve ever made.