I honestly can not believe almost a full year has passed since my procedure in Ottawa.  What a crazy and awesome adventure/experience the whole thing has been.

First off, my apologies to everyone for not being super active and posting these photos last month when I took them.  Sometimes life just gets in the way…..and on top of some family things that came up, I am back in school full time….and it’s really taking a lot to keep that 4.0 GPA up!  =)  Maybe I’m just an over-achiever!!

There haven’t been too many changes really from about 10 months on to now….however I do notice that my transplanted hair is finally “maturing”, and that the wavy/curly hair that started to come through is finally straightening out, and is much easier to style again.  Although I’m going to miss the curly hair a bit, I’m happy at the same time that I have my original hair back.

As far as the current state of my hair, I am extremely pleased with how it all turned out.  On a scale of 1-10, I would rate my success a solid 8……and not a 10 ONLY because the hair greed has set in, and I really won’t be fully happy until I have my second procedure with Dr. Rahal next year……there are still a few thin areas we didn’t address the first go-around, and I want to have some density added to my mid-scalp and crown…..maybe a slight addition of follicles to my temples as well.  But otherwise, there is no doubt that this made a tremendous difference, and the whole aesthetic look of it all easily shaved 10 years off my age!!  WOOHOO!!

I finally updated my phone last month, so these photos are taken on my new iPhone 5s, instead of the 4s (which the first 10 months were snapped with).   The photos were taken in the living room of my friend’s apartment, under the harshest and brightest light I could find…….and taken without a flash of any sort.   There is a tiny bit of hair “wax” in my hair for product….and I think I pretty much found the length I like the best.  I really like my hair short-ish on the sides and longer on top (as seen in the photos below).  I tried to snap several different angles to show you the “full tour” of around my head.   I honestly think my hair looks better in person than it does in photos as well…..so you could say that I am very excited about the outcome.  The photos were taken 11 months and 2 days from the date of my procedure, although I’m just 2 days short of my one year mark……so these are a little late to make it up!

Since I will be taking one year photos, I will save my big post for that milestone…..and end it here for now.  As always, please feel free to comment/ask questions/provide general feedback…..I’ve gotten a lot of messages, and it’s really great to hear the encouraging words.


Looking forward to posting my 1 year update in the next week…….





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  1. Mike! Your hair looks awesome 🙂 You must be so pumped about this result! We do appreciate you taking a break from studying to snap some pictures 😉

    Enjoy that new hair!!

  2. Great result Mike! Thank you for posting your story, we really appreciate you taking the time to share 🙂

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