15 days post-op! Sutures finally out!!!

15 days post-op! Sutures finally out!!!

Hi everyone!  Time is flying by!  Seems like just yesterday I was sitting in Dr. Rahal’s chair and having my procedure in Ottawa!!  I am now just over 2 weeks post-op and wanted to give a quick update with some photos. I just hit the 16 day mark since my restoration. I had my sutures out Friday (at 14 days) and took some photos of the recipient and donor area after my first “normal” shower yesterday! I haven’t really shed many transplanted hairs yet, but I’m sure it’s coming really soon (as no-one is exempt from this part of the process)!! 

The recipient area is obviously very pink still, and my scar is somewhat irritated because my GP had a difficult time removing the sutures. He said that he was somewhat unfamiliar with the closure technique used, so there was a little bit of extra tugging/pain involved until he finally figured it out!!  I think it was extra hard for him because my hair around my scar grew in quick, and the thread of the sutures blended in really well with my hair.  I think I’m starting to have a bit of shock-loss also where the incision for the donor removal was….but I was expecting this would potentially happen….and it really appears to be minimal!   Not worried in the least, as a lot of people experience this, and I was in the hands of the great Dr. Rahal and team!  I am still using the baby shampoo for all washes during the next two weeks, and apply polysporin to my scar twice a day.  Because of the recent irritation from the suture removal, I will continue with the polysporin for one more week and then discontinue….just to help some more with scar fading.

Alas, nothing to do but wait and grow now!!

I’ll update again at the one-month mark!  Can’t wait to get to month 3!


Hope everyone is having a great weekend!





  1. Thanks for your post and pictures!! Bet it was great to have a “normal” shower again 🙂

    Looking forward to your future posts!

  2. Thanks for the update! Redness is normal and will be gone soon 🙂 Keep us updated!

  3. Thanks for the pictures and the update. That first shower is always the best part after the long 2 weeks.

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