2 Months Post-Op with photos……

2 Months Post-Op with photos……

Hello everyone!  Well, I am a little late on my post here this time around, and am technically closer to the 3 month mark since my procedure with Dr. Rahal!!  However, these photos were taken 1 day after the two month mark, and give you a good idea where I was just a few weeks ago.

All and all, I am sill doing well with playing the waiting game, and have a few months to go before I start seeing some seriously cool results!  =)  I surprisingly do not think about it and check my hair in the mirror every day like I did in the beginning. Most of the phantom pains and numbness with my head from the surgery have disappeared….and every day gets a little easier!  I have been very diligent with my daily vitamin and proscar regimen,  and continue to apply Rogaine foam to my scalp twice daily.

I have decided to continue to buzz my hair very short, until the transplanted hair begins to thicken and mature a bit more….and takes on the more normal characteristics of my native hair.  Honestly, to me, the buzzed look is way better…..and it’s always fun to sport my scar and leave people wondering “what the hell happened to that guy”.  I’ve come up with some pretty fun stories to tell strangers!  😉

This post will most likely be my shortest one on my journey, as there just isn’t much new to report here.  I have already noticed quite a few positive changes in my hair from when these photos were taken just 3 weeks ago, to today…a week shy of the 3 month mark.  I will have new photos and a write-up of this milestone next week.

Anyway, pictures can be seen below.  Sorry for the not so stellar quality this time around, but you get the idea none-the-less.


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  1. Thanks for the update and pictures! Would love to hear some of these fun stories you’ve come up with and hope you’re using it to your advantage 🙂

  2. Anonymous321 says

    Matt, thank you for keeping us posted. I’m interested in having the procedure done and my hair pattern and style is very similar to yours. I look forward to your future updates.

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