9 days post-op w/photos

9 days post-op w/photos

Hi everyone!  Hope this message finds everyone well!  I just wanted to update my blog today, as I am 9 days post-op from my procedure with Dr. Rahal.  I am feeling really good now, and looking forward more than anything to getting my sutures out this Friday.  I’m back to work tomorrow, and not much looking forward to that.  I discontinued my vitamin E oil applications last night as instructed by the aftercare instructions, and now just continue to keep my grafts moist and my scar clean with the saline solution, baby shampoo and Polysporin ointment.  At this point, I am most looking forward to being able to shower normally next weekend and to be able to lightly touch my recipient area, as there is minor itchiness at this point as my scalp adjusts to the transplant!  =)

I am including some pictures of my recipient and donor areas taken last night.  I took the photos in different rooms to try and get different lighting, however the photos are from my iPhone and probably not the best quality.  I apologize for that. I will try to find a better source for the photography when I can.  Meanwhile,  I will continue to update and post regularly as I make improvements throughout my journey!    Happy weekend everyone!!





  1. Hey Mike. I’m sure your first day back at work will turn out to be easier than you think. Have you told people about your HT?

  2. Thanks Mike, everything looks to be healing well!

  3. Hi Matt 🙂

    Everyone I manage at my office knows about my hair restoration, however everyone else with the company thinks I just had “surgery”!! Which is technically true enough!!

  4. Thanks for the update and pictures!

  5. How did it go? For the sake of your grafts, don’t get into any brawls if someone says the wrong thing. 🙂

  6. Haha, lucky for everyone I’m not the fighting type at all here!!

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