5 Month Post-Op Update……with photos

5 Month Post-Op Update……with photos

Well hello again everyone!! Hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to Summer. Sorry I haven’t made a presence much in the last couple of months….have been going through some huge life changes here!!  This post is WAY late, as I am now at 6 months post-op, and just took photos of my 6 month progress this week (which I will be posting soon)…….The text in my post below, was all written last month, so keep that in mind as you read.  Again, I will have my 6 month post and photos up soon!!

I just wanted to take a brief moment to write in and update my thread with some new photos of my progress up to this point. These photos were all taken a few days prior to the 5 month post-op mark from my procedure. I shot the photos a little early, because I didn’t know if I’d be readily available to take them when my actual 5 month mark came….

I really can’t believe how quickly time flew this past month……and it’s unreal to see the progress I’ve made so far (with hopefully a lot of improvements left to come).
My hair has definitely filled in QUITE A LOT…..and seems to be growing almost everywhere that received transplanted hair. It is still overall very thin as far as density goes, but again, these photos were taken just shy of 5 months….so I’m hopeful that it continues to thicken.   I seriously feel 10 years younger when I look in the mirror.  I am still self-conscious about the density and trying to style the thin areas to give the best illusion of coverage, yet I no longer wake up every morning and look in the mirror and get depressed about “how I’m going to cover my head today”.

The right side of my head (and obviously my crown) is a little slower-growing than the left side still. I also still have a tiny bit of shock loss where my scar is on the left side. I took one close up photo in my album (which I provided a link to below), to highlight the way the my hair is growing back in that spot. I am not too worried about it at this point, and it seems to be getting better all the time.

Most all of the numbness has worn off completely now….every once in a while I can feel a little numbness in the crown area of my head, but no more phantom pains or sensations. I generally feel really good and have been hitting the gym quite a lot lately. Getting in good shape along with some new hair has definitely improved my self-confidence a good amount. On a scale of 1-10 on how positively this hair restoration has impacted me thus far, I give it a solid 7….and hopefully a 10 at the 18-month mark.

Below are photos taken with my iPhone 4S in a variety of different rooms and lighting. The last 6 photos are me FRESH out of the shower….with my hair soaking wet!! The rest of the photos in my album are all either dry completely, or I have styling wax in there. There are no concealers being used, and no alteration of any of the images. Sorry for any/all with poorer image quality….I did my best! =)

As always, all comments/questions are most welcomed. I am looking forward to seeing what changes my hair makes in the next month…..as I will FINALLY be 6 months by then!

Thanks for reading guys!




photo-190 photo-189 photo-188 photo-187 photo-186 photo-185 photo-184 photo-183 photo-182 photo-181 photo-180 photo-179 photo-178 photo-177 photo-176 photo-175 photo-174 photo-195 photo-192 photo-193 photo-173 photo-191 photo-194 photo-172 photo-171 photo-170 photo-169 photo-168 photo-167




  1. Thanks for the pictures and update Mike! Looking forward to seeing your progress at 6 months and don’t worry, the density will come!

    P.S love the facial expressions in your photos 😀

  2. It looks better and better each time I see you. Your blog will really help patients see the chances and what to expect. Looking forward to seeing the improvement that is still to come!

  3. ^ Where I said “chances” I meant to say “changes”, of course.

  4. I was waiting to see the 5 month updates Mike. Congratulations on the good progress. I am in my 4th month post surgery and its always good to find inspiring stories.

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