7 Months Post-Op- With Photos!

7 Months Post-Op- With Photos!

Hello Everyone-

Hope this update finds everyone happy and well? It was a shame to hear that James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano) passed away yesterday!! I watched the show for years….only 51 years old! RIP Mr. Soprano!!!!

In slightly happier news, I am writing in to post my current photos and update you all on my progress thus far. I am now 7 full months in from my 4737 graft transplant with Dr. Rahal. Nothing much has changed here, except for my crown is starting to grow in a bit better. Finally! No huge changes from 5 months til now anywhere else, but I am still happy and looking forward to the continued density that will slowly occur over the next year. I am still getting really positive feedback from friends and family alike.

Me personally? I am still happy with my results up to this point. I still only have one slight issue with some shock loss that doesn’t seem to be growing back around my donor area (small region)…..hoping that when I have a 2nd procedure sometime next year that the new scar that is created will eliminate that altogether. I think the improvement up until this point, especially seeing where I started from,  has been great for my self-esteem! The photo’s included in my most recent album were taken exactly 7 months from my procedure. As always, I tried to snap the photos in very natural lighting, and very harsh lighting…..to make my hair appear in the most undesirable way possible. I think it looks much better in person than it does in these photos. To remain consistent with quality and accuracy, I continue to shoot the photos with the camera on my iPhone 4S. Some of the photos are slightly blurry, but give you a very good general idea of where I am. The photos this time around (as in all other instances with previous photos) were taken with absolutely zero product in my hair. The photos taken in the Mickey Mouse shirt are of me in my car and outside in full sun-light (something I haven’t done up until this point). I think it is important going forward to document the way my hair looks outside, as everything up to this point has been in a house with bright and natural lighting only. The photos of me with my shirt off were taken in my house in various angles to try and show my hair in a similar setting as all my other albums to this point. The last set of photos (in the yellow shirt) were taken by my best friend’s wife at their house. I made sure to have her get all angles, including the top of my head.  Maybe next year sometime, I will look into having a second procedure done to address the thinness in my mid-scalp; an area that was not addressed during my first procedure.  Considering my face is re-framed properly with hair, I can certainly wait a while before I do any “fine-tuning”.

As always, please feel free to leave any questions/comments!!   I hope to continue to give back to the community in any way I can.

Thanks for reading guys, and hope all is well with all of you! Oh, and sorry for the mountain-man beard I’ve been working on the last couple of weeks. I’ve never grown my facial hair out like this before, so I thought it would be fun to see how bushy I can get the thing. I give myself a couple of weeks before I throw in the towel and sacrifice the beard to a good shave….. for an itch-free face again!!




  1. Thanks for the update and photos Mike! Looking forward to seeing more in the next few months, there’s still plenty of time for the density to come in 🙂

  2. Domanik Sabrus says

    Looking great, really great. Success! By the way, love your Ajaxx shirt 😛

  3. Thanks a lot for the compliment! I’m very pleased with the results!! 🙂



  4. Looking good Mike. The overhead shots appear to show really nice density. How are you finding your hair feels? Natural?

  5. Hey there buddy! Congrats on your recent procedure!!! How are you feeling now…..is the sleeping getting a bit easier I hope? Those first few nights were really rough for me…but it gets better every day! My hair is getting more and more natural every day. As far as the grafts and the placement go, I wouldn’t have trusted my procedure with anyone other than Dr. Rahal. So absolutely zero regrets. As far as the way my hair feels……it has only been 7 months…..and so the hair is still coming in a bit wiry/wavy…..so difficult to style sometimes JUST THE WAY I want it. However, it has calmed down A LOT….and is starting to gain density. As the follicles continue to mature, they will take on more normal hair characteristics……which will continue to happen from now until 18 months. So again…..I still have another year before I see the true results. But very happy so far….and looking forward to seeing where I’m at in just few more weeks (at 8 months). Be on the look out for an update soon. 🙂

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