Hey Everybody!!

Hope everyone here is enjoying their Summer. It is a HOT 104 degrees here in Nevada today……ugggggh! I feel like I’m literally melting…….hahaha!!

Anyway, just wanted to take a brief second to update my progress. I am currently 8 months post-op from my 4737 graft transplant with Dr. Rahal. I continue to definitely see improvement in density all the time, and couldn’t be happier with my result so far……even if it stopped growing now. Knowing that I still have many more months of growth ahead is really exciting.

The last 6 photos below were taken at 7 1/2 months……just out of the shower with my hair dripping wet! Obviously this shows the areas where my hair is still a little thin (areas where there was no hair transplanted), but I am very pleased with where I am and because I don’t go out with my hair soaking wet……it doesn’t bother me. The rest of the photos were all taken with my hair either completely dry and no product in them, or a small amount of styling wax. The photos taken where my hair (and my beard) are longer,  were taken 10 days after the “fresh out of the shower photos were”……. You can see how 10 days makes a big difference….my hair grows FAST. The longer hair photos are the ones that include the styling wax…..which is why there is a bit of gloss/wet look to them.

I am thrilled to be able to actually have hair to style again. I am growing my hair SUPER LONG (two more months without cutting) so I can make a crazy faux-hawk for a festival I am attending at the end of August. So my 9 month album is going to be me with an even crazier mop of hair.

As always, the photos I’ve taken here were shot using my iPhone 4S. Sorry about any of them that appear to be a poor photo quality. I plan to have a second procedure done sometime next year just to add a tiny bit of density, and finish things up. My friends and family are just amazed at how good I look now. I’m excited to see what the next 6 months hold for me in terms of growth. Anyone who is considering a hair restoration procedure……it can undoubtedly be one of the best decisions you will ever make…..it was for me!  Don’t let price or location dictate where you have your restoration done.   I traveled from the West Coast of the US because I wanted to get the best result possible!!  It was well worth the trip!!

Please feel free to share any questions/comments/concerns with me as always. Looking forward to posting my 9 month photos next month…..as I keep hearing this next month is a big month for density.

Thanks for reading!




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  1. Looking great LTG! Love the hairline design. It is looking better and better as the density comes thru.
    It must be nice on those super hot days to not have sweat creating that awful shine on a bald head… now you have a great head of hair to cover it up!
    Looking forward to your next update 🙂

  2. Michelle Fraser says

    Hey there,
    Thank you for a delightful post and pictures!
    Looking at your pre-op photos and the ones you have just taken, the difference is astounding! Your hair looks great! So thick and youthful!
    Looking forward to your next update:)

  3. Thanks for the update, your hair looks so natural! Can’t wait to see the full year result, it’s going to be amazing 🙂

  4. Hey Mike

    Your hair looks great. I was wondering how you got away with people not knowing you had a hair transplant?

  5. Thanks so much Jerry!! I am super happy with where I am and where I started from!! I actually just wore a hat as long as I could…..but then I actually thought the scar was pretty cool and so I ditched the hat and embraced the fact that in a few months nobody would be any wiser. It was fun to see people’s reaction when they thought I got mauled by a great white shark!! =) To be honest, Dr. Rahal produces such an excellent scar that I wasn’t self conscious about it at all. But if you are….a hat is an easy fix until your hair grows out again!

  6. Hey Mike!

    The problem is letting the donor area grow to cover and hide the scar while the donor area is trying to play catch-up. After you ditched the Hat and people saw your scar were you open to telling them about the procedure? Thanks for all your advice.

  7. Hey Jerry! =)

    To tell you the truth, it didn’t bother me in the least. I am a very upfront and honest person…..and most of my family and employees knew what I was doing ahead of time. The ones who didn’t, honestly didn’t seem to ask about the scar……and if they did, I was happy to share. It all went by so quick that it wasn’t really a concern…..especially since the first 6 weeks after I was in “hat mode”. Once I ditched the hat though, it wasn’t long before my hair started growing….and the time REALLY flew after that!

  8. Mr predictable says

    Wow, just wow. You look like a different person. Super excited for your results, I can’t wait to see what you look like at 12 months. How are you finding the density of your hair?

  9. Hey Mr. P

    Thanks so much for the compliment. Everything is going great, and my hair is getting thicker and thicker all the time. It’s kind of hard to tell how the density is because my hair is so long right now……and it is easier to tell the density at shorter lengths for me. I will be cutting it again the first week in September though (at which point I’ll be close to 10 months), and will have a more accurate assessment then. However, I am very pleased with the results, and think the density is definitely where it is supposed to be for 8 months. I will continue to gain density and have my follicles mature over the next 9 months. I plan to continue to document my hair blog here every month to the one year mark…….and then every 2 months after til 18 months post-op. That should show people my “final” result!

  10. Your hair looks awesome! You really can’t tell you had a hair transplant. Yes, I would totally ditch the hat now. 104 degrees hot there? Crazy. We had a heat wave here too in Ontario.

  11. Thanks Desiree for the compliment!!

    Yeah, the heat here wasn’t fun. But then I started complaining about the 104, and it got up to 108 (which is an all time record for where I live considering I am in the mountains)……so then suddenly the 104 didn’t seem so bad. I swear, every degree over seems like it adds 10 degrees! =) Course I am in the United States, so that temperature is in Fahrenheit of course! =)

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