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Well, I finally made it guys! I finally hit my one year anniversary from my procedure with Dr. Rahal. On this day last year, I boarded a plane home from Ottawa, where I underwent my 4737 FUT transplant. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year…….

I am happy to report that my hair restoration journey has made me feel like an entirely new man….and has far exceeded my expectations. I no longer feel the need to wear a hat every time I leave my house. My family and friends still can’t believe it, and when we look back at old photos, it really reminds us all of where I started from. It really makes me grateful that I did my research and made the decision to go through with this. It is easily one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

I took a lot of photos for this particular post. Please feel free to compare them to my other albums so you can see where I started from and where I am today……I successfully created an album for every month since my procedure (including a couple of my pre-op photos) and I think I did a pretty good job of capturing my progress throughout the journey!

The photos were taken on November 16th….EXACTLY one year from my procedure date. I used my iPhone 5S to capture the images, and I used the harshest light available in my house…..the bathroom…..and did not use a flash in any of the photos. Also, I cut my hair short……the shortest it has been since around month 3. I needed to trim my beard a bit, so I decided to take some off the top while I was at it. At this shorter length, you can see that some of my hair is a bit thin still. Mainly my mid-scalp and the areas of my crown that were not addressed the first pass. I am planning to have a second procedure with Dr. Rahal the end of 2014 to address the thin areas. I’m thinking a couple thousand more grafts to tie everything together so I can finally be done with all of this!

As always, please feel free to leave any comments, concerns, or feedback. I could not have made it through the ups and downs of this “roller coaster” without everyone here on this website who supported me along the way. My deepest gratitude to all of you who have helped me; both directly and indirectly! The advice and encouragement has been a tremendous help in making a hair transplant an easier thing to endure. Thank You Guys!!!

I fully intend on sticking around here and posting photo updates every couple of months (or as I find a new style I like as I experiment with my hair clippers a bit….hahaha).

Until next time, thank you for reading!

Very Sincerely,


Sorry for the repetativeness of some of them………I just wanted to get as many angles as I could….and I had a couple of requests to pull my hair back. Since it is short, I tried to pull my hairline back with a comb so everyone could get a better idea of the condition of my hair in a “close-up”. Thanks!!!

photo-307 photo-308 photo-309 photo-310 photo-350 photo-311 photo-313 photo-312 photo-315 photo-316 photo-317 photo-318 photo-314 photo-319 photo-320 photo-321 photo-322 photo-325 photo-323 photo-327 photo-330 photo-329 photo-331 photo-328 photo-334 photo-335 photo-352 photo-336 photo-337 photo-338 photo-339 photo-340 photo-341 photo-343 photo-344 photo-345 photo-346 photo-347 photo-348 photo-349


I honestly can not believe almost a full year has passed since my procedure in Ottawa.  What a crazy and awesome adventure/experience the whole thing has been.

First off, my apologies to everyone for not being super active and posting these photos last month when I took them.  Sometimes life just gets in the way…..and on top of some family things that came up, I am back in school full time….and it’s really taking a lot to keep that 4.0 GPA up!  =)  Maybe I’m just an over-achiever!!

There haven’t been too many changes really from about 10 months on to now….however I do notice that my transplanted hair is finally “maturing”, and that the wavy/curly hair that started to come through is finally straightening out, and is much easier to style again.  Although I’m going to miss the curly hair a bit, I’m happy at the same time that I have my original hair back.

As far as the current state of my hair, I am extremely pleased with how it all turned out.  On a scale of 1-10, I would rate my success a solid 8……and not a 10 ONLY because the hair greed has set in, and I really won’t be fully happy until I have my second procedure with Dr. Rahal next year……there are still a few thin areas we didn’t address the first go-around, and I want to have some density added to my mid-scalp and crown…..maybe a slight addition of follicles to my temples as well.  But otherwise, there is no doubt that this made a tremendous difference, and the whole aesthetic look of it all easily shaved 10 years off my age!!  WOOHOO!!

I finally updated my phone last month, so these photos are taken on my new iPhone 5s, instead of the 4s (which the first 10 months were snapped with).   The photos were taken in the living room of my friend’s apartment, under the harshest and brightest light I could find…….and taken without a flash of any sort.   There is a tiny bit of hair “wax” in my hair for product….and I think I pretty much found the length I like the best.  I really like my hair short-ish on the sides and longer on top (as seen in the photos below).  I tried to snap several different angles to show you the “full tour” of around my head.   I honestly think my hair looks better in person than it does in photos as well… you could say that I am very excited about the outcome.  The photos were taken 11 months and 2 days from the date of my procedure, although I’m just 2 days short of my one year mark……so these are a little late to make it up!

Since I will be taking one year photos, I will save my big post for that milestone…..and end it here for now.  As always, please feel free to comment/ask questions/provide general feedback…..I’ve gotten a lot of messages, and it’s really great to hear the encouraging words.


Looking forward to posting my 1 year update in the next week…….





securedownload photo-294 photo-295 photo-296 photo-297 photo-298 photo-299 photo-304 photo-300 photo-301 photo-302 photo-303

10 MONTHS POST-OP…….With Photos!!

HOLY HECK!!!   I can’t believe it’s been 10 months since my procedure.   It really has just flown by.


I just wanted to update everyone here as to my progress to date.   I haven’t really seen any big changes from month 9 to 10, but I certainly don’t think that’s a bad thing; considering everyone who sees my hair now loves it.    I finally got the nerve to cut it pretty short this last time around, after I wore it long for a pretty large amount of the Summer.  The first few photos were taken at a festival I attended.  My hair was worn long, and spiked up on multiple occasions.  I have to say, I really enjoyed wearing my hair long and spiky!!   It was pretty cool, and I will most likely begin growing it out again.

Part of the reason I cut it short this time around, was that I had requests to see my hairline more readily in photos, as my bangs were covering it up.   I shaved the sides of my head down to a 3 guard, and used a 6 guard on top….and blended the two into one another.  As you can see from my profile shots, there is a small area on my left side (behind my ear) where I had a bit of shock loss that hasn’t fully grown back.   I’m still optimistic that it will… I heard sometimes it just takes a bit!!   Otherwise, my scar is barely visible at a 3 guard.  Next summer, I think I’m going to completely buzz my head again, just to see what the scar looks like all healed up!  Because it was a Dr. Rahal incision, I’m sure it looks amazing!! =)

The photos taken here were all taken with my iPhone 4S.   I tried to take as many shots from as many different angles as posible, to portray how my head would look if you were to walk around it and view it from all angles.   Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my procedure.  Best decision I’ve ever made, hands down!!   I feel that my right side my be a little thin still in the frontal scalp, but I’ve heard it is not uncommon to have a shed and then it will come back thick again.   Also, I plan to have my mid-scalp and a little more crown work done next year, so I can always have it addressed when I return!!


The first 5 photos taken were all taken with my hair grown out.  You can see in 4 of the photos that my hair is spiked, and then the one with my friends in the photo but not spiked.   The rest were all taken at home, AFTER I cut my hair.  The photos taken with my hair long, were taken just shy of the 9 month, 3 week mark!  The rest were ALL taken exactly 10 months post-op!!

As always, if you have any questions/comments/concerns, please don’t hesitate to share them with me.   I want to share my experience with people in the most honest way; in hopes that I can help others make the decision to have a hair restoration an easier one!!  =)

Thanks for reading everyone!   Until next month……..







photo-289 photo-291 photo-275 photo-288photo-281 photo-278 photo-286 photo-285 photo-280 photo-279 photo-277 photo-276photo-287 photo-283 photo-284 photo-282


Hey everyone. Hope this photo update finds everyone well! 

Well, I just thought I’d take this opportunity before my vacation next week, to post my 9 month post-op photos for the readers of my blog to see. I am currently 3 days shy of the 9 month mark, but took advantage of a free “photo shoot” outside the other day to capture a few outdoor photos. The rest were taken in my bathroom….as usual! Hahahaha!

Nothing much to report as far as a huge change in hair, except a little bit more added density from the shafts continuing to thicken. You can see how long I’ve allowed my hair to grow when you compare the photos to previous months. The sides and back of my head (and beard) got trimmed this morning, but the top has not been cut in months. I dunno….I sorta like my hair longer and at the length it’s at now?! Suggestions?

I really think that my hair restoration has far exceeded my expectations so far. I think that it is especially noticeable when I look back through my pre-op album. The craziest thing to me throughout the entire process so far, is that I don’t really remember what I looked like pre-op, until I see photos. But because I wake up everyday and see myself with hair……well…’s like I never really had any loss at all. Sure, there is always the desire for MORE hair…..but I’m super happy where I’m at today and the road I’ve traveled to get here. I feel good. I’ve been hitting the gym more, and generally feel the best I’ve felt in years. The only real desire I have now is to have a second procedure next year. As you can see from my crown shots, I still have a little bit that needs filled in. My mid-scalp is also thinner than I’d like….so am hoping to have a pass there the second time around. It’s kinda hard to see in the photos with my hair as long as it currently is…..but it’s a little thin!!

As always, the photos were shot using my iPhone 4S. There were no flashes used. Some of the pictures (all of the self ones) are blurry. Sorry about that guys!! 

The first 4 photos in the album were taken by my friend Olivia when we were outside yesterday. I thought I’d try to get some in the daytime, since I haven’t done that in many of my albums in the past. I get a lot of emails asking me what my hair looks like in the sunshine, so now you can see.  The rest of the photos are obviously poorly shot by yours truly…..well, the blurry ones anyway. The last 4 were taken by my Mom…..and she took one of both sides, back and front to see what you’d see if you were to take a walk around my head!

Anyway, that’s all I can really think of to say right now. As always any concerns/questions/comments are always welcome. It is always nice to hear feedback from others!

Hope everyone is having a great week!




Hey Everybody!!

Hope everyone here is enjoying their Summer. It is a HOT 104 degrees here in Nevada today……ugggggh! I feel like I’m literally melting…….hahaha!!

Anyway, just wanted to take a brief second to update my progress. I am currently 8 months post-op from my 4737 graft transplant with Dr. Rahal. I continue to definitely see improvement in density all the time, and couldn’t be happier with my result so far……even if it stopped growing now. Knowing that I still have many more months of growth ahead is really exciting.

The last 6 photos below were taken at 7 1/2 months……just out of the shower with my hair dripping wet! Obviously this shows the areas where my hair is still a little thin (areas where there was no hair transplanted), but I am very pleased with where I am and because I don’t go out with my hair soaking wet……it doesn’t bother me. The rest of the photos were all taken with my hair either completely dry and no product in them, or a small amount of styling wax. The photos taken where my hair (and my beard) are longer,  were taken 10 days after the “fresh out of the shower photos were”……. You can see how 10 days makes a big difference….my hair grows FAST. The longer hair photos are the ones that include the styling wax…..which is why there is a bit of gloss/wet look to them.

I am thrilled to be able to actually have hair to style again. I am growing my hair SUPER LONG (two more months without cutting) so I can make a crazy faux-hawk for a festival I am attending at the end of August. So my 9 month album is going to be me with an even crazier mop of hair.

As always, the photos I’ve taken here were shot using my iPhone 4S. Sorry about any of them that appear to be a poor photo quality. I plan to have a second procedure done sometime next year just to add a tiny bit of density, and finish things up. My friends and family are just amazed at how good I look now. I’m excited to see what the next 6 months hold for me in terms of growth. Anyone who is considering a hair restoration procedure……it can undoubtedly be one of the best decisions you will ever make… was for me!  Don’t let price or location dictate where you have your restoration done.   I traveled from the West Coast of the US because I wanted to get the best result possible!!  It was well worth the trip!!

Please feel free to share any questions/comments/concerns with me as always. Looking forward to posting my 9 month photos next month… I keep hearing this next month is a big month for density.

Thanks for reading!




photo-263 photo-256 photo-255 photo-254 photo-265 photo-253 photo-266 photo-252 photo-267 photo-268 photo-269 photo-271 photo-270 photo-251 photo-273 photo-272 photo-274 photo-259 photo-260 photo-258 photo-261 photo-262 photo-257

7 Months Post-Op- With Photos!

Hello Everyone-

Hope this update finds everyone happy and well? It was a shame to hear that James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano) passed away yesterday!! I watched the show for years….only 51 years old! RIP Mr. Soprano!!!!

In slightly happier news, I am writing in to post my current photos and update you all on my progress thus far. I am now 7 full months in from my 4737 graft transplant with Dr. Rahal. Nothing much has changed here, except for my crown is starting to grow in a bit better. Finally! No huge changes from 5 months til now anywhere else, but I am still happy and looking forward to the continued density that will slowly occur over the next year. I am still getting really positive feedback from friends and family alike.

Me personally? I am still happy with my results up to this point. I still only have one slight issue with some shock loss that doesn’t seem to be growing back around my donor area (small region)…..hoping that when I have a 2nd procedure sometime next year that the new scar that is created will eliminate that altogether. I think the improvement up until this point, especially seeing where I started from,  has been great for my self-esteem! The photo’s included in my most recent album were taken exactly 7 months from my procedure. As always, I tried to snap the photos in very natural lighting, and very harsh lighting… make my hair appear in the most undesirable way possible. I think it looks much better in person than it does in these photos. To remain consistent with quality and accuracy, I continue to shoot the photos with the camera on my iPhone 4S. Some of the photos are slightly blurry, but give you a very good general idea of where I am. The photos this time around (as in all other instances with previous photos) were taken with absolutely zero product in my hair. The photos taken in the Mickey Mouse shirt are of me in my car and outside in full sun-light (something I haven’t done up until this point). I think it is important going forward to document the way my hair looks outside, as everything up to this point has been in a house with bright and natural lighting only. The photos of me with my shirt off were taken in my house in various angles to try and show my hair in a similar setting as all my other albums to this point. The last set of photos (in the yellow shirt) were taken by my best friend’s wife at their house. I made sure to have her get all angles, including the top of my head.  Maybe next year sometime, I will look into having a second procedure done to address the thinness in my mid-scalp; an area that was not addressed during my first procedure.  Considering my face is re-framed properly with hair, I can certainly wait a while before I do any “fine-tuning”.

As always, please feel free to leave any questions/comments!!   I hope to continue to give back to the community in any way I can.

Thanks for reading guys, and hope all is well with all of you! Oh, and sorry for the mountain-man beard I’ve been working on the last couple of weeks. I’ve never grown my facial hair out like this before, so I thought it would be fun to see how bushy I can get the thing. I give myself a couple of weeks before I throw in the towel and sacrifice the beard to a good shave….. for an itch-free face again!!



6 Month Post-Op Update…..with photos!

Hello Everyone-

Hope you guys are all having a terrific Memorial Day weekend…..been beautiful here in Nevada!!!

I am just writing in to post my current photos. I am now 6 full months in from my 4737 graft transplant with Dr. Rahal. Unfortunately, nothing really too exciting to report from my last month post and photos….hair may be increasing in density a bit, but the change has been very slight and gradual. No surprises really, I was mostly expecting it….and remain optimistic that big changes are in store over the next 12 months!!

Overall, I am still very happy with my results up to this point. In looking at photos however, I have decided that I will definitely be going back for a second procedure to thicken up some areas, including the bridge (where there were no grafts placed) and maybe some extra crown work. Unfortunately, having dark hair such as mine….you can see all the areas that are thin and contrast with the scalp. This will be much later on down the line, as I am pretty content with the way things have shaped up to be currently. I think it is safe to say, that there was a pretty substantial change when you compare my pre-op photos to where I am today. I figure I will get some added density in the upcoming months ahead, and that will make me a little less self-conscious about my hair than I am as I write this update!

The photos included were taken exactly 6 months from my procedure. As always, I tried to snap the photos in very natural lighting, and very harsh lighting… make my hair appear in the most undesirable way possible. I think it looks much better in person than it does in these photos. To remain consistent with quality and accuracy, I continue to shoot the photos with the camera on my iPhone 4S. Some of the photos are slightly blurry, but give you a very good general idea of where I am. The photos this time around were taken with absolutely zero product in my hair. The photos taken in the green and blue shirt are of me without a haircut……and then I clipped my hair immediately after with a 4-guard on the sides and a 6-guard on top. The photos in the “Haus Bicycle” shirt were taken the same day, immediately after my haircut.

As always, please feel free to leave any questions/comments!!

Thanks for reading guys, and hope all is well with all of you!




photo-196 photo-197 photo-199 photo-200 photo-201 photo-198 photo-202 photo-203 photo-205 photo-206 photo-207 photo-208 photo-209 photo-216 photo-215 photo-217 photo-218 photo-219 photo-220 photo-221 photo-222 photo-223 photo-224 photo-210 photo-211 photo-212 photo-213 photo-204 photo-214


5 Month Post-Op Update……with photos

Well hello again everyone!! Hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to Summer. Sorry I haven’t made a presence much in the last couple of months….have been going through some huge life changes here!!  This post is WAY late, as I am now at 6 months post-op, and just took photos of my 6 month progress this week (which I will be posting soon)…….The text in my post below, was all written last month, so keep that in mind as you read.  Again, I will have my 6 month post and photos up soon!!

I just wanted to take a brief moment to write in and update my thread with some new photos of my progress up to this point. These photos were all taken a few days prior to the 5 month post-op mark from my procedure. I shot the photos a little early, because I didn’t know if I’d be readily available to take them when my actual 5 month mark came….

I really can’t believe how quickly time flew this past month……and it’s unreal to see the progress I’ve made so far (with hopefully a lot of improvements left to come).
My hair has definitely filled in QUITE A LOT…..and seems to be growing almost everywhere that received transplanted hair. It is still overall very thin as far as density goes, but again, these photos were taken just shy of 5 months….so I’m hopeful that it continues to thicken.   I seriously feel 10 years younger when I look in the mirror.  I am still self-conscious about the density and trying to style the thin areas to give the best illusion of coverage, yet I no longer wake up every morning and look in the mirror and get depressed about “how I’m going to cover my head today”.

The right side of my head (and obviously my crown) is a little slower-growing than the left side still. I also still have a tiny bit of shock loss where my scar is on the left side. I took one close up photo in my album (which I provided a link to below), to highlight the way the my hair is growing back in that spot. I am not too worried about it at this point, and it seems to be getting better all the time.

Most all of the numbness has worn off completely now….every once in a while I can feel a little numbness in the crown area of my head, but no more phantom pains or sensations. I generally feel really good and have been hitting the gym quite a lot lately. Getting in good shape along with some new hair has definitely improved my self-confidence a good amount. On a scale of 1-10 on how positively this hair restoration has impacted me thus far, I give it a solid 7….and hopefully a 10 at the 18-month mark.

Below are photos taken with my iPhone 4S in a variety of different rooms and lighting. The last 6 photos are me FRESH out of the shower….with my hair soaking wet!! The rest of the photos in my album are all either dry completely, or I have styling wax in there. There are no concealers being used, and no alteration of any of the images. Sorry for any/all with poorer image quality….I did my best! =)

As always, all comments/questions are most welcomed. I am looking forward to seeing what changes my hair makes in the next month… I will FINALLY be 6 months by then!

Thanks for reading guys!




photo-190 photo-189 photo-188 photo-187 photo-186 photo-185 photo-184 photo-183 photo-182 photo-181 photo-180 photo-179 photo-178 photo-177 photo-176 photo-175 photo-174 photo-195 photo-192 photo-193 photo-173 photo-191 photo-194 photo-172 photo-171 photo-170 photo-169 photo-168 photo-167



4 Months Post-Op……with photos!!

Hello All,


Hope you guys are all enjoying some beautiful Spring weather like we are in Nevada this weekend! It’s that time again…..another month in the books and I am finally 4 months out from my procedure. Man, does time just fly by!!!

I am happy to report that things are moving along fine here. Although there hasn’t been much new growth or density since my last post, you can compare my 4 month photos with the ones I took at 3 months, and see that I have definitely let my hair grow out long, and that I have stopped buzzing it with clippers. My scar is almost completely covered now, and I am going to continue to let it grow out a bit to see what the next couple of months have in store for me. Aside from a little shock loss still on the left side of my head in my donor area…..and a slower growing region on the right side of my recipient area……I feel my scalp is taking to the changes as well as can be expected for such a large procedure. I was hoping that I would have more density at this point, but everyone keeps assuring me that I am right on track to where I should be at this stage. My family definitely notices a HUGE difference in my hair from where I was before my transplant procedure. It’s hard to gauge when you look at yourself in the mirror every day, but looking back at my pre-op photos, it is definitely easy to see that my hair restoration has made a very big and positive difference in my looks! I feel I look a bit younger and generally have a bit more confidence .

I continue to take my daily regimens of vitamins, Rogaine and Fin!! I also bought a special shampoo (Revita) that was recommended to me, and have been shampooing with it 5 times/week as recommended by the manufacturer. I feel that it is actually helping with the characteristics of my hair and scalp….and that generally everything feels healthier up there!

As always, your input and questions are very welcomed. I look forward to seeing what the next few months hold for me. Above are my photos taken exactly 4 months post-op. I am now 4 months and almost 2 weeks as I write this post today….so will be taking 5 month photos in just a few more weeks. I will certainly share the results at that time to show you how I am progressing.

Hope everyone has a terrific weekend!



3 Months Post-Op….with photos!!

Hi everyone!!

Well, it is safe to say that the last 90 days were some of the slowest of my life!!   Time seemed to just drag on and on, yet I am finally out of my “ugly duckling” phase, and starting to experience some growth!!  I knew it was coming, and couldn’t be happier that the 3 month mark finally arrived.  It has been great to see the dramatic changes that have taken place in just the past month.  I am shocked at how much of a difference my hair growth (even the little bit that I have started to get….with a lot more ahead) has started to make in my overall self-confidence.  Better yet, people seem to notice that I somehow “look different”, without being able to “place their finger on it”.  The only people who really know what’s changed my appearance for the better, are my close friends and family who know about my restoration procedure.

As I write this, I am now 3 months and 1 week post-op with my 4737 graft transplant with Dr. Rahal.  The majority of all the numbness and phantom sensations in my scalp from the surgery are gone.  The shock-loss around my scar is getting less and less noticeable as my hair begins to regrow in the area, and the “pimples” that I was getting where the transplanted hair is trying to poke through are getting less and less frequent as well.  All in all I feel great, and can’t wait to see what the next 9 months hold as my growth reaches maturity!!!  I buzzed my hair with clippers (1-guard…the shortest setting) for the last time this past Tuesday (2/19) and for the first time since my procedure am going to let it grow out naturally now.  I was kinda used to shaving down and rocking the scar/tough guy look….but my hair is starting to grow in better than I thought at this stage, and I am excited to see what it is going to look like at the longer length.

I am posting several photos this time around, as I wanted to try to get as many angles with as many different lighting settings as possible.  I apologize in advance for the redundancy of these photos, however I felt it was the best way to try and accurately depict (through photos) how my hair currently looks in person…even with just slight variations in camera angles/shots.  These photos were all taken with my iPhone 4S, and were taken exactly 90 day from the date of my procedure.  Some of the photos were with a flash, other with just ambient lighting, and others in an unlit room during daytime!

As always, please feel free to ask me any questions or share any comments along the way, as I update you all on my journey!  There have been so many people who have been a huge support for me throughout the process so far, so I am happy to do the same for anyone else if I can!!

Thanks for reading everyone, and I’ll see you all again next month when I update my blog with my 4 month summary with photos!!