Post HT

Post HT

Post HT.

Reason: Wanted to cover up a larger area.
Plan down the road: Another FUT and then maybe a FUE to the Scars.

Hopefully won’t lose too much hair for a couple years at least?
What do you guys think? Any comments/ advise would be great.

Consumed about what might happen in the future because I do Not plan to get on propecia for sure!

Consumed by hairloss till now.
First step towards solving that issue !
Fingers Crossed !!!!
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  1. Larissa Atamanchuk says

    You are on the right track to getting the hair look that you have been hoping for! The hardest part will be waiting a year to see the full results, but it will be worth the wait for sure 😀

  2. Looking good, best of luck through your recovery! Can’t wait to see it growing in.

  3. Try not to think too much about your future loss. It will drive you bananas! You’ve made a great choice right now, and you have a plan for the future, so that’s all you can accomplish at this point. Once the hair starts growing in I’m sure you will be consumed with all the new styling options you’ll have 😉

  4. You said it Larissa!
    Wish there was a fast fwd button already !

  5. Thanks Christie!
    Fingers crossed!!!

  6. Yes! You are right.
    Just trying to stay positive. Cant wait for the hair growth now…
    Cant wait !

  7. It’s great to hear you’re staying positive, that’s the best attitude to have! You will start seeing growth soon enough, and once you see the final results it’ll all be worth it! Keep up the good work 🙂

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